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Hello everyone and thank you for coming to my blog/website. I hope you enjoy your visit and please before you leave visit some other pages on this site. If you are here to download a movie, then unfortunately you came to the wrong site. This site right here, I’m pointing to the screen; is a site where you can get free movies online without downloading. That’s the fastest way I know of to watch a great movie online. I mean why would anyone want to download movies and add more crap to their hard drives when the movies are already available online. All you need to do is press play. Jeeze Louise, that right there sounds like a might fine deal if ya’ axe me!

What we gone’ do right now is tell ya a lil-a-bit about how we roll here on this website-a-ma-jig. We some real cool dudes here at and we want to make sure you can have free movies online without downloading, EVER! What you gotta do is just hit the play button and wait fer da’ movie to buffer and load up. When it is about 15% loaded and gloated you can begin watching that crap at full speed high quality streaming goodness. Or if you want to browse all the generes you can do that also!

We strive for simple things here and the ability to watch a movies and not download it is great. Its like the difference between eating a cheese burger and eating ketchup. You see you need the ketchup, but not only ketchup, you also need meat, tomatoe, lettuce, bread, salt, and pepper. But this isn’t a site about cooking. Its about free movies online! And we will never make you download a thing. That’s right never! We ain’t gonna back down from that promise. Also its a lot easier to run a site that simply directs you to a streaming movie source. That’s great way for us to help deliver you the movies you want right now. I know you don’t want to wait for a stupid download, you want to see that chick flick or action movie right freakin’ now and you are not playing. But don’t worry we don’t play either. What you think this is a game? Well if you did, you are wrong and you better get outta here, just click the back button a couple of times and go back to where you came from. Yea that’s right.

Well I hope you enjoyed this article about free movies online without downloading because I take a lot of pride in my work and I just want you readers to enjoy what I put up here for you. And I would like to thank all the sponsors who keep this site up, be sure to check them out as they are the ones who truly deliver you the goods you crave. So be sure to click a button, peep this site and have a great time. Ok, good night!