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Enjoy this fun online live theater. It has many old movies which are now public domain and are great to watch if you are completely bored! This theater features many types of movies but they are all either Sci-Fi or Horror! So this page should be quite a blast if you are a connoisseur of gore, blobs, aliens, or oldies! With many categories and many movies being added daily you will always find something new on this page. Just sit back and enjoy this live movie theater, we will be filling it with movies for you!

Have a blast tonight!

You can enjoy these movies completely free at no charge. The best part is that you can watch this will others and even chat about the movie you are watching! Its a fun way to hang out at night and see some of the best and often cheesiest movies of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. This page is great to just have open while you are working as well, so take a break, or keep working but do it in style!

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