Movie: Oblivion (2013)

Release Date: 19 April 2013

oblivion 2013

Oblivion is the most talked about movie even from now, taking the fact that the release date is almost a year from now. The audience can’t wait to see one of the most wanted actors, Tom Cruise, in another breath taking adventure and Sci-Fi movie. We all remember his mega successful performances in blockbusters that achieved to become a real classics and role models of today cinematography. Judging by Tom Cruise previous performances, Oblivion is not less than one of the best movies that will be released in 2013. If Tom Cruise manage to repeat his acting from “Minority Report”, “Mission: Impossible” and “War of the Worlds” we are about to see another masterpiece that is going to be remembered and long talked about. I think that Sci-Fi genre helped Tom Cruise to become the icon as we know him today, and “Oblivion” is a great way for Tom Cruise to repay this genre. If you just think about all the progress that man kind achieved in effects and technique of making movies, this is going to be, so far, the most modern project. Also, Tom Cruise in this movie is playing alongside Morgan Freeman, one of the Hollywood all time legends, legend that have the leading role in the all time best movie according to IMDB, the best movie site on the internet. If you add Morgan Freeman in a Sci-Fi movie where the leading role is played by Tom Cruise, the best action-adventure actor of our time, you probably the best Sci-Fi movie ever filmed.

The movie “Oblivion” Looks like a action packed movie,With a adventure in to time. It looks like the type of movie that will keep you on your toes and ready to see what happens next.The type of movie that you would want to spend 10 bucks at the theater to see. Looks to never have a dull moment and would be the type of movie you would want to see over and over again. Oblivion has some very popular actors in it which include Tom Cruise and Morgan Freeman,also some others that I know ive seen before but cant think of the names off the bat. I Always love any movie Morgan Freeman is in, so that’s a huge plus. And Tom Cruise is always a regular butt kicker, hes also not to bad on the eyes either.. if you know what I mean. I cant wait to watch Oblivion, and will get my husband whom loves any great action movie to go with me to the movies to see it!! It will be a movie to be excited to see. Any movie that forwards you in to time is usually a good movie, its fun to see what life could be like, I think Oblivion will do a great job in achieving this. In short, Oblivion looks to be a awesome action filled , good actors, good scenery type of movie that I cant wait to see!! It needs to hurry up and hit the theater so I can go see it!

What is not to like about Tom Cruise and Morgan Freeman? This movie starts out with Jack Harper played by Tom Cruise talking about the last superbowl being played 16 years ago where he stands and Hubie throws a “Hail Mary” touchdown. He says that 16 years ago Earth was attacked. Earth won the war, but the planet was destroyed. He is there for drone repair as part of the mop-up crew for two more weeks. Nothing human remains. Jack is assigned to clean up the aftermath, but it looks like he has found more than he expected including a woman he intends to identify through whatever means it takes. He comes across books that trigger his memories of his life in the past. Jack is captured and finds that there are human survivors that are being fired upon by nonhuman creatures. He is ordered to stand down and states he is not going to do that, but that his is the only way. Oblivion is a definite have to see movie for me. Tom Cruise and Morgan Freeman are two of my favorite actors and both have very compelling characters in Oblivion. Even though this is in the science fiction genre which I am not normally a big fan of, I still feel that this is a movie I would thoroughly enjoy. It is not inconceivable that this could happen with the technology in this day and age. Scary, but not totally unbelievable.

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