Movie: Pain and Gain (2013)

Release Date: 26 April 2013

pain and gain 2013

Pain and Gain looks like a movie I would like to see when it comes out. Mark Wahlberg looks like he has buffed up more than he usually does for his roles in movies. Throw him and Dwayne Johnson together, I will end up fanning myself through the whole thing. I like any movie that has good looking guys in fantastic shape. I want to replay the trailer just to watch the clips of Mark and DWayne working out together in it. It seems to have a decent plot line with the extortion and kidnapping but even if the plot didn’t play out well and it ends up being a flop Pain and Gain will be worth watching just to see the hot guys. Using costumes to kidnap is kind of corny but amusing. It seems that lately Dwayne Johnsons movies have been leaning more towards comical than serious or action packed. Seeing the big tough guy as a softy and showing a sensitive side is getting kind of played out a bit though. The fact that Ed Harris is in it makes me think there will be some decent action clips, most of his movies have good action in them. It looks like a few decent car chases and the guys coming out with guns in the beginning point to decent action mixed in as well. I wonder if it is really a true story as it claims to be and will probably google Pain and Gain to find out more about it to see if it really is.

Pain and Gain seems to be the type of movie that has something for everyone. It has the action, the comedy, the “bromance,” and, yes, the muscular men without shirts. With the two lead actors being who they are, the movie is going to draw an audience. The trailer is sort of unclear about how the group gets involved with the scandal, other than their need for rent. I think this is the type of movie that a boyfriend will get his girlfriend to very easily. I’m sure there are going to be a couple fast-action scenes, but it seems the most important quality about the film will be it’s likeability. We will walk away from the theatre smiling and talking about our favorite scene between the macho body-builders; probably when they were at their most feminine. The only downfall I could see Pain and Gain having is is being over-stretched and unbelievable. It has a very Fast and the Furious sensibility about it, which isn’t a bad thing, but they have to be careful to make sure the audience sympathizes with the characters’ motives. The coloring of the movie is bright, which makes me think it doesn’t take itself too seriously. It doesn’t have a lot of dark undertones. Overall, I think the trailer does a good job of setting us up for what should be expected from this movie; a few laughs, a lot of muscle, and some unbelievable, but entertaining, action scenes.

The trailer gives a very good indication that Pain and Gain is going to be action-packed and intense while adding the right amount of comedy into the mix. The storyline appears to be about a man, Mark Wahlburg, who is obsessed with his personal fitness and works as a trainer for others. Wahlburg, along with his associates, Dwayne Johnson and others decide to take out revenge against Tony Shalhoub’s character by physically harming him and forcing him to sign over his assets to them. While the characters did not appear to think that this act would go unnoticed by Shalhoub’s character, they appear to be surprised by the level of intensity of the situation. The chemistry that exists between Wahlburg and Johnson’s characters is surprising but refreshing in a movie that otherwise could have lacked depth. Not just another heist movie, Pain and Gain is a unique film with characters that I think are going to surprise viewers. It is an interesting mix of funny and action that is bound to ensure that this movie is successful. Likely intended for a male viewership, females watching this movie will likely enjoy the comedic feel between all of the characters and the appearance of funny-girl Rebel Wilson. Allowing the audience for this movie to be interesting for both male and female viewers will go a long way with the popularity and success of Pain and Gain. The trailer does a great job of showcasing what Pain and Gain has to offer to its audience without giving away all of the storyline and comedy.

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