Movie: Turbo (2013)

Release Date: 19 July 2013

turbo 2013

Watch Turbo online free is a new animation film by DreamWorks that will be out in the first half of the upcoming year. It is a unique comedy with wonderful graphics and stellar animation. A wonderful, but expected, achievement by the movie studio. Turbo tells the story of a snail, ironically named Turbo, who is entering a race. He appears to love car races and very much wants to race on his own. However, he is a snail and his movements are very slow. This is where the comedy part of the show begins. It takes Turbo 17 minutes to go just a few inches across a floor. Watch Turbo online free is very proud of that and encouraged by his success. One can help but laugh at his slowness but also feel for him. The emotions that are shown across his face tug at the viewers heart strings. The little snail is going to be a great role model on perseverance for anyone. His optimism is inspiring and his looks are so cute that viewers will find it hard pressed not to cheer for him. Turbo looks to be a great movie that will appeal to a wide range of audiences. I would even expect teenagers to love this movie. It’s combination of action and comedy is perfect and will leave audiences wanting nothing. Turbo’s soundtrack is also perfection. The music is well known by mostly everyone and very catchy. All in all, a great packaged movie that will be an equal to DreamWorks Toy Story!

Watch Turbo Online Free!

Turbo, finally a promising animation movie. We remember the hits “Megamind” and “Despicable Me”, and it appeared like forever since we watched good animation movie. The story in this movie is about a snail that is going race.. I mean how much funnier can it gets? Is known that the primary goal of animation movies is to entertain the young audience, and to learn them about the life in a fun way. But we are very happy when an animation movie comes out, which pleases the kids, but also it have a grown-up humor in him. We all want to laugh and to believe in unreal, fantastic, imaginary heroes that the animation movies provide. Watch Turbo online free is a DreamWorks production movie, with very serious crew working on him. The voices in Turbo are coming from Hollywood finest actors. We have Samuel L. Jackson, Luis Guzmán, Snoop Dogg, Michelle Rodriguez, Paul Giamatti, and Ryan Reynolds which is one of the best Hollywood comedy maker at this time. His movies: “The Change-Up”, “The Proposal” and “Green Lantern” are on of the best movies in the previous years. To summarize, Turbo is exactly what the audience need. Turbo is a movie from successful production company, comes in a period with low competition in the animation field, and have more then famous acting crew. I can see from now that this movie is making the noise needed to be a real success that will bring joy, laughter, and satisfaction all over the globe.

Watch Turbo online free is a new Dreamworks Animation CGI movie about Indy Car racing with a twist. You will remember that Dreamworks Animation is the studio that released hit movies such as Kung Fu Panda, the Shrek trilogy, and the two unforgettable Madagascar movies. It is also being directed by David Soren, who recently directed How to Train Your Dragon. What is the film’s twist? How about a snail in a race car movie! I really liked the combination of putting a snail in a race car movie. Not only is it a snail, but a slow, tired, exhausted snail who looks like he really wants to race a car! The racing is much different than in the movie Cars. This is not just any kind of racing, but Indy Car racing, which is the most exciting and dangerous kind of racing today. Your kids and you are going to be on the edge of your seats as well as laughing all through out Turbo. With it’s unique blend of state of the art CGI, voice actors such as Ryan Reynolds, Paul Giamatti, Luis Guzmán and Michael Peña infused with Dreamwork’s magic touch, Turbo is sure to be a summer block buster. I strongly believe this movie with have a spin off TV Series, lots of toys and clothing products. In short, this is going to be the studio’s best ever film release. Even though Watch Turbo online free won’t be release until next summer, I am already looking forward to the sequel.

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