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Posted on: November 13, 2011
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This movie looks really good to me. Scott Waugh has always been known for making commercally successful films and I think this one will be another addition successful addition to his list of movies which have done good business at the box office. As the trailer says, all the characters in the film have been portrayed by active navy seals and I must add that the characters look really convincing. Also, the fact that it is based on a real-life true story will attract some audiences. I personally like the cinematography and the stunts which have been performed. The movie is based on a mission of navy seals to save a kidnapped agent. The story is new and the film looks very promising technically. I personally like films in which a large number of water stunts and action sequences are involved. This movie seems to have a large number of car chases, races and fights in it. This will make for a good viewing. Also, the pace of the movie does not seem to be slow. They have used many new and innovative technologies such as lasers etc. The film has been shot really well and the sequences look very real. It also has a large number of combat sequences and will help us have a look at the mysterious world of navy seals. I think there has never been a film on this concept before. So, it is definitely an original attempt and I am looking forward to watching this film.

First off, please take the shot of the wounded soldier out of the trailer. It’s a little gory to be flashed on the big screen. Some people have family members serving abroad, and the last thing they want to see is someone who looks a lot like daddy screaming in pain on the big screen in a trailer shown before a completely different movie. Yikes. And that is a problem this film may run into. It’s not clear from the start “This movie stars active duty Navy Seals” whether this is a documentary or an action film or a little of each. I’m guessing that there is an over-arching plot connecting the various missions, and that the drama of interacting with home life is also a strong thread in the movie, but the trailer comes off as disjointed. There are flashes of various missions interspersed with cuts of home life and fights between couples, but there is no sense of continuity in the movie. Is there a plot? Assumedly so, but the trailer might want to give hints of it. There are also no strong characters in the trailer. Some of them repeat, but in helmets, face paint, etc, it is hard to tell who is who. More interpersonal scenes in the trailer might make this seem more like a movie with people than a movie with guns and technology. There are lots of scenes of vehicles movie, guys jumping out of airplanes, and even an explosion or two. What I didn’t see was acting. Yeah, it could be a good action movie, but all of the great action movies featured plots and acting. I didn’t get that from this movie. The trailer was too disjointed, had too many voiceovers over black screens, and too many cuts of soldiers running through bushes. I came away thinking this movie was going to be 90% action footage (much of it silent while they sneak up on people) and 10% dialogue.

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