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Posted on: September 17, 2012
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Watch Alex Cross OnlineAlex Cross – Tyler Perry has an opportunity to prove himself as an actor… maybe.

I’m going to be honest, I have a lot of reservations about Watch Alex Cross Online. I don’t enjoy any of Tyler Perry’s movies as I’ve found them too predictable and simply not my style. Still, for once it’s nice to see him in something that doesn’t start with “Tyler Perry stars in Tyler Perry’s Tyler Perry, a Tyler Perry film, co-produced by Tyler Perry.”

Moreover, wasn’t Morgan Freeman Alex Cross in other films like Along Came a Spider and Kiss the Girls? Maybe they couldn’t use him due to the action scenes in Watch Alex Cross Online, but I doubt Tyler Perry as Alex Cross could seriously pose a threat to a special forces trained murderer taking pleasure in inflicting pain and seemingly performing well in mixed martial arts.

Before writing this review, I thought, “Okay. Maybe this is Tyler Perry’s chance to do something fun, thrilling, and cool for once.” Now, I’m not so sure I trust him to do well, as he simply doesn’t seem as convincing and convicted a man as Morgan Freeman. On the other hand, comparing him to someone like Morgan Freeman is, admittedly, unfair. They are simply different caliber actors.


In the end, I’d Watch Alex Cross online simplybecause it looks action packed and is a nice change of pace from Tyler Perry dressing up as older woman causing trouble. (I’ll quickly admit here that a few of his scenes as that woman are pretty funny.) I REALLY want to give him a shot at changing my perception of him as a mediocre director and actor. This might be the movie to do it, and I’ll give him that shot.

Alex Cross looks like an interesting and good film. It is based on the novel Cross by James Patterson, who is a huge author of thriller and mystery novels. If this film does well it could become a series, as there are multiple Cross books. The movie follows the encounter of agent Alex Cross with evil mastermind known as Picasso. It is a dark tale of an agent fighting to keep his family safe while attempting to stop the worst criminal of his career. Surprisingly, the agent Alex Cross, is played by Tyler Perry, known mostly for his comedies and for playing the loud mouthed character Medea. Tyler Perry has spent the past few years growing his own production company as well as writing, directing, and starring in several comedies. So acting in this action packed thriller is a new area for Perry but I believe he does a fantastic job. This movie is also a new frontier for Matthew Fox. Always buff, he seems to have lost weight and gained muscle to play a professional fighter and antagonist to Alex Cross. This is one of the darkest roles we have seen Matthew Fox perform, but he fits right into the character. The director, Rob Cohen, has also directed action movies such as xXx and ‘The Fast and the Furious. So one can expect car chases and plenty of gun fights from Cohen in this film. The showdown between Perry and Fox is sure to be epic and unexpected.

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