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Posted on: June 29, 2011
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Christmas movies are my favorite type of movies in the world. Elf, The Grinch, and the Santa Clause are my top three favorite movies of all time. I love Christmas, and I love movies about them. I don’t generally like the new computer animated films, but I do love Toy Story, and this movie looks pretty cute, a good way to get into the spirit of Christmas with your family. A modern-day Christmas movie, pretty clever. The trailer doesn’t give away much of the premise at all, except that Santa has a son and the folks up at the North Pole don’t want everyone knowing this. I hope it ends up being a mockumentary, haha, a sort of expose about what the North Pole is really like. That would be legit, but I don’t think that’s the plan for this movie. I also like plausible explanations as to how Santa delivers all his presents in one night, so if this movie offers that then that will be awesome. This is one that I’ll MAYBE see in theaters, if I’m really bored during Christmas vacation. It looks like one that could become a classic Christmas movie – like Elf and the Santa Clause are for me. This is another one where if I had a kid in my life I would totally take them to see it, but I can’t justify spending the money for just me. I’m a poor college student and have to budget my theater movies. The trailer is good in that it doesn’t give anything away at all, just enough information.

Arthur Christmas 2011 (in 3D) The movie Arthur Christmas appears to be a movie for all ages. It is a celebration of the spirit of Christmas. Although it is an animation, it looks and feels pretty real. You will enjoy the North pole like never before. Of course there is nothing to see in that frozen wilderness but still it is the last of the true pristine wildernesses remaining in the world. In this harsh land almost nothing can survive. Arthur is not supposed to be the son of Santa. The Flying Sledge is great to look at. You will want to see this film because it is really more than Christmas that we are talking about here. And to add to the excitement, it is in 3D as well. Movies such as these can really inspire humanity to do a bit of good. I love animation films especially if they are so beautifully made. Arthur Christmas is brilliant. I remember reading stories of Santa Claus as a school boy and how I felt about it. At that age you want to believe it even though you realize later that it is only a grandmother story. But fairy tales have their uses too. This one sure does. There is never a dull moment in a movie such as Arthur Christmas. Christmas is a time of peace and love and this film will surely make you feel at peace and full of love. Young and old will enjoy this film equally. I enjoyed this film and I am sure so will you. So the next time you decide to visit the theater think about Arthur Christmas and make your weekend a very special one to remember.

Watch Arthur Christmas in 3D. The movie does not look like the typical Christmas movie. There seems to be a bit of a twist in the movie; the North Pole does not seem like the normal North Pole that is seen in movie. I do have to say that I am not a fan of 3D movies since I tend to not see all that well with the 3D glasses. But, I know that my nieces and nephew do like watching 3D movies so I think I will take them to watch this for Christmas 2011. From what I just viewed about Arthur Christmas is seems like the movie will be based on the mishaps of Santa Claus’s son Arthur and how the elves have to keep Arthur in line. It seems like Arthur is a good hearted kid who just wants to get out from his “normal” environment and have some fun. I am sure the big question to Arthur Christmas is how Santa delivers Christmas presents to so many kids in time for Christmas morning. I am sure that during the course of the movie this will be addressed and that perhaps Arthur might “save” Christmas deliveries in some typical nerdy character fashion. I am sure at times the elves and Santa will very frustrated with Arthur’s antics, but at the end of the movie I predict that Arthur is the beloved hero and all of the North Pole or perhaps outer space is proud of him. I guess for this movie I will put on some 3D glasses and watch what Arthur does.


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