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Posted on: October 14, 2012
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Watch Battle of the Year 3D OnlineWould you watch Battle of the year 3d online? So I’m not completely sure on what type of dancing there doing in Battle of the Year 3D I guess a new kind of break dancing for this time. To me it doesn’t seem to live up to the movies step up if you wanted to compare the two. The story line seems very predictable nothing original something you would see in a dancing movie reminds me of you got served or stomp, there always is a dance competition that groups compete in and the team the movies about usually wins at the end.

It does seem like it does have some good drama and comedy parts to it but overall the same like the other movies. I’m not surprised to see Chris Brown in Battle of the Year 3D I think he is a good fit, from day one ever since he first came out he has always displayed his dancing abilities and he also not bad to look at to. The one actor that surprises me in being in a dance movie is Josh Peck I always remembered him from that nickelodeon show drake and josh would never have known he could dance would be interesting to see him dance in this movie. Overall i think this movie will be OK, right in the middle not the greatest but not the worse either I don’t think it will have high numbers at the movie theater it looks like a movie that’s worth waiting till it comes on dvd to watch not something I would spend a lot of money on to see; I’d only watch Battle of the Year 3D online.

Really, really another movie in 3D. No one likes 3D movies unless they are action movies or horror movies, a dance movie in 3D…. really. Avatar was a good 3D movie stop trying to copy Avatar. Battle of the Year 3D looks like another dance crew, hip-hop, gang banger movie where a bunch of street punks are shown as underdogs and rise to the top. I have seen a few dance crew movies come out in the past several years never knew anyone who was interested in one or saw any of them, it is not a very attractive plot subject. The audience Battle of the Year 3D will attract are gang bangers and street punks, not the general population. Not a very rich plot, seems like this movie is trying to appeal to the fact that the Olympics are this year by portraying the movie going against international teams. Nice marketing move but that won’t really mean much since very few Americans actually pay attention to the Olympics. Yes some sports fans may be attracted to this type of movie since it shows a Basketball coach taking control of the dance crew, but when it comes back to the fact it is still a hip-hop street punk dance crew movie. This is not a particularly popular subject with today’s younger generation, it was years ago but not any more. Times are changing and I can see watch Battle of the Year 3D online in particular being a complete flop.

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