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Posted on: November 14, 2011
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Battleship – This movie looks better than I expected. I expected it to have no attachment to the original boardgame, but there were enough references to make me happy. I especially liked the shot at the end from above showing both sets of ships (human and alien) at opposite ends of the screen, mirroring the setup of the original game. Liam Neeson looked like a good character, he is believable as the hardened military general type. The romance plot depicted in the beginning did nothing for me and was actually a little confusing, but I assume it will be less confusing in the actual film. The shots of the alien ships both looked cool and a little derivative, especially of the “Transformers” films. The sounds they made as well, really reminded me of Transformers. But I suppose that makes sense, and doesn’t necessarily hurt my anticipation of the movie. I do wish I recognized more actors, Liam Neeson and Alexander Skarsgard were really the only ones I knew. But Liam Neeson alone does help the movie considerably. Alexander Skarsgard makes me even more interested, I know him mainly from the tv series “True Blood” and really like him there. This seems an odd movie role choice for him, but I like him so much that him being in Battleship makes me want to see it a lot more than I thought I would before. The special effects looked impressive, if a little generic. All the scenes with the alien spaceships were easily the coolest. The explosions of the weapons fire at the very end were especially cool, a lot bigger than I expected them to be. I hope the movie will give me enough to care about specific characters, as it stands I think I’ll enjoy the action sequences but the character work seems very flimsy. The music was very good, I recognized a song by DJ Shadow called “Walkie Talkie”. DJ Shadow is one of my favorite artists, so his music being featured really interested me. I have no way of knowing whether the song will actually be in the movie, but it did its job of interesting me nonetheless.

 What the…?? Now that movie looks rather cool. At first, I thought of other movies. You know, the kind where a man falls in love with the daughter of someone who is higher ranked than in him in his career and he doesn’t get along with him. By the end of the movie, not only are they on good terms but the older man thinks of the man as his son and would be honored to have him as his son-in-law. I am rather pleased to say that it looks like this only starts that way and goes into another direction real fast. I’m not sure if this is going to be an alien movie or maybe it’s a war machine from another country or what. I am very curious though and I couldn’t help but think of the game, Battleship while watching. Although, to be honest, that may have been the whole point. I think Channing Tatum will be good in this. I don’t get the bad rap he has. His acting isn’t perfect but does it have to be? There are a lot worse actors than him and they are making millions and getting enough praise all the time to, well.. sink a battleship. Liam Neeson always delivers a good performance. He has this tough yet vulnerable side that you don’t know whether to really fear him or give him a big hug. I don’t really recognize any of the other actors. The blond who was on the beach with Channing Tatum looks like a typical blond model who will probably be talked about in the movie more than actually shown and heard. The special effects look very promising and it’s definitely a Summer popcorn movie. I may see this in theaters.. I’m not sure. I think I’d have to see and learn more about it first.

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