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Posted on: June 29, 2011
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Bellflower is a 2011 American film written by, directed by, and starring Evan Glodell Intro: Directed by Evan Glodell Screenplay by Evan Glodell Story by Evan Glodell Starring Evan Glodell Jessie Wiseman Tyler Dawson Rebekah Brandes Cinematography Joel Hodge Editing by Evan Glodell Joel Hodge Jonathan Keevil Vincent Grashaw Studio Coatwolf Productions Distributed by Oscilloscope Laboratories Release date(s) January 21, 2011 (Sundance)(1) Running time 103 minutes Country United States Language English The film tells the story of two guys “who build flamethrowers and other weapons in the hope that a global apocalypse will occur and clear the way for their imaginary gang” called Mother Medusa (also the name of their flame throwing modified car). It turns into a violent, apocalyptic love story. Watch Bellflower online free is also noted for its distinctive look.(5)(6) That is attributed to Joel Hodge’s shooting style and the camera designed and built by Glodell(7) which uses vintage camera parts, bellows and Russian lenses, around the Silicon Imaging SI-2K Mini Digital Cinema camera. The camera and recording system is explained in this YouTube video. On January 27, 2011, just six days after its premiere at Sundance, Oscilloscope Laboratories announced it acquired English language territory rights to Bellflower. Plans are for a Summer 2011 theatrical release. First time director-producer-screenwriter-editor-and-star Evan Glodell brings us a low-budget fantasy that starts out as a straightforward linear tale of two friends growing apart. There is always the hint of violence throughout “Bellflower” and this hint becomes full blown as emotions run high. Things are not what they seem, though, and multi-hyphenate Glodell packs some surprises, though not many, as he ends the film with a bang, not a whimper. The mostly newcomer cast is led by Glodell as Woodrow who is happy living his life planning, with Aiden, to be the next Road Warrior. Inventor Aiden, merrily playing with his high tech toys, is hurt by Woodrow’s departure in favor of Milly but continues to work on his dream project: the fire-belching, apocalypse-friendly muscle car named Medusa. This fire breathing road monster plays a big part in the violent imagery of “Bellflower.” This is a low budget work and it shows. The flamethrower and Medusa are imaginative props and give the film its flash but newcomer filmmaker Glodell needs to beat the pavement for his next work. Still, “Bellflower” is a solid calling card and, maybe, next time around he could wear fewer hats.

Bellflower looks fun and refreshing. The colors are so vivid and really remind me of fast and the furious with a dramatic undertone. Fast cars, beautiful women and plenty of reckless driving are sure to make this a hit, especially in America. I must say though Bellflower? They could have thought of a catchier name but hey I guess once the people get a glance at this film, all that goes out the window. I must say the camera angles and style of directing really bring “Bellflower” to life, and the love story intertwined within the movie definitely makes it an easy film to really get attached to. I love how the underground scene in movies is starting to appear more in the mainstream and starting to get more nationwide exposure. I think that shows an ever growing interest in shooting documentary and reality TV. styles of movies and shows. Something about them makes them more personal and with the technology of HD television, you really feel part of the film. Instead of just watching you really get to experience what’s it like to be in the movie, and the directors of Bellflower did and amazing job at fully capturing that. When I watch bellflower I almost feel like I’m back in my childhood days running around town, causing trouble and trying to push the old muscle cars to the limit. This is definitely going to be the next addition in my collection, and with such amazing quality you completely forget this is an underground film!

Bellflower is one of those movies where you start off with some quirky, eccentric characters living a bit of a fringe existence yet they are doing things you wouldn’t mind doing yourself. Modded cars and flamethrowers. And a woman who thinks she’s the one who ends up hurting people in relationships. Of course these lives are vulnerable, despite the characters optimism and something starts to move in on the peripheral. Yet the way they live just ebbs and flows on a collision course with something outside what they can imagine. But with mad max style cars and flame throwers to blast, who would have it any other way, huh? Great music and scene framing. It’s a movie about feeling how you could be there yourself, living your life down that particular groove, headed towards that destination. You know these people or you are these people. Check out this movie if you want to have something with some cool stuff in it like the cars, but you know you want something that makes you think some as well. It’s weird how you know how real these people can be, how much they could be someone you pass in the street, yet you know it can only end up in some way you just don’t know. Or maybe you will? This is the movie a lot of your friends will be talking about and it’s going to be pretty important stuff to talk about. That or see it for Medusa the car – awesome name for a car!

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