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Posted on: September 6, 2012
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Watch Cloud Atlas OnlineCLOUD ATLAS – I love movies that make you think ! The first I ever saw that caught my attention was the classic The Matrix! Cloud Atlas is based on the novel by David Mitchell, and directed Andy Watchowski (of the Matrix!) and Tom Tykwer (Run Lola Run).Halle Berry

It seems to be both a touching and mesmerizing tale of human emotion, how we are all connected, and what lies beyond the cosmos. I am always interested in these types of movies because of my own beliefs, and how I am always strengthening them by questioning them. I believe movies that make you do so are a vitally important part of our culture of hard-line believers. A movie like this can make you think, open your eyes, and realize that your world is so small and connected to even your neighbor who may seem so different from you, or to someone all the way across the world who you’ve never met eyes with.

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It was great to see Tom Hanks cast in Cloud Atlas in a role that suits him well and will bring him back into mainstream. Halle Berry seems to relish her role as well. The cast contains a great number of big-name actors and actresses – something I always find intriguing in a film like this – the actors can be seen in a completely different role and your views of them as people and professionals can shift drastically. I think Cloud Atlas will be a must see for everyone, and will garner some great Oscar nods as well. I know I’ll watch Cloud Atlas online again and again!

Tom HanksWatching Cloud Atlas online is going to be very interesting. From the beginning of the preview you are shown a beautiful scenery with a cutter on the ocean. The settings are rich and very appealing. The opening musical composition is also beautiful. The song is almost haunting. By watching the movie preview I can not help but wonder if the stories will be interconnected somehow. It would have to be interconnected since all of the individual stories are very different. Some of the stories have advanced technology, while some are primitive. It will be interesting to see how each story links to each other. It seems that the actors will be repeated in different stories. Tom Hanks and Halle Berry were shown in two different settings. Another actor was depicted in two different settings as well. Watch Cloud Atlas online because it will have a strong plot and it looks like the story will be the main component.

Cloud AtlasThere is some computer generated imagery but it seems to only to set the mood and setting. Some of the themes in the movie will be interesting to watch unfold. I would recommend watching Cloud Atlas online with friends and family with young adult children. Young children may watch the movie for the beautiful sets but they may not understand all of the themes of the movie. It seems that the movie will mostly be enjoyed by an adult audience since the themes of this movie are complex, and may not be easy to comprehend for younger audiences


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