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Posted on: June 29, 2011
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Watch in Normal QualityWatch in HD QualityColombiana stars the gorgeous and completely sexy Zoe Saldana. You might know her from Star Trek (the new version) and Avatar. This movie is a gritty tale about a girl who’s parents were shot in front of her. Her reaction to seeing this was simple, to get revenge and become a cold hard killer. Now this plot is not very original as this type of plot is very common to anime films, cartoons, and video games, but still I give it credit because Zoe Saldana is in it. I guess you could say I’m a big fan of her work, especially in the movie After Sex where she co-stars with Mila Kunis.

Don’t put too much thought into this movie and don’t expect a very deeps story, that’s what I would say going in. I’m likely going to watch Colombiana online, why? Because I want to watch it but I don’t want to tell my friends I want to watch it LOL! So I’ll just watch it online. I would be surprised if this movie proved me wrong but I would be glad. All I know is that I find it hard to believe a skinny chick can punch hard enough to knock someone out. I mean yea she can shoot people, but hand to hand combat, no way. They would just grab her and she would start flailing and elbowing and kicking but they would just pick her up and walk away with her. This is exactly why you should watch this movie online because would you really want to spend 12$ on a cheesy movie? I would only because of Zoe Saldana lol, but if you don’t want to then do not fear. You can just watch it online free. This site will allow you to watch the streaming movie for free, so if it sucks you didn’t waste any money. And if you did like it then “yay a free movie!”

Check out the trailer above and let me know what you think. It actually looks kind of bad ass! I just don’t like watching the scenes where she is fist fighting people, that just isn’t believable. Colombiana looks like a mix between a gangster movie, a Tomb Raider movie, and a free movie. But other than that I like it a lot. Let me know what you think too.

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