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This highly original movie has an all star cast with Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford and some other well-known actors and actresses. It also has well known producers including Ron Howard and also Jon Favreau as its director. I think the unusual nature of the story line needs all these names to generate interest in seeing watch Cowboys and Aliens online. Otherwise the premise would be so incongruent that it wouldn’t draw a large audience. The special effects appear to be very well done. The acting is top rate and the movie appears to be visually engaging and action packed.

I am not sure why I find this premise or storyline uncomfortable or not so believable as if there are aliens surely they would have had encounters with cowboys. They just seem so futuristic rather than something we consider in the past. I think once I get used to the idea that there could very well have been alien encounters with cowboys in the old west it would be a movie worth seeing. It is reminiscent somewhat of some of the original Star Trek episodes but with the focus being on the cowboys as the earthlings rather than those in the starship. It is sort of a reverse Star Trek. I know that both Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig are sure to give performances worth seeing. The movie watch Cowboys and Aliens  online appears to be somewhat dark and dusty so I don’t think the scenery or set will be the movie’s strong point. The special effects are intriguing though in the setting of the old west.

Although things supernatural and alien seem to be the premise that movies are made of today, watch Cowboys and Aliens online seems to go one step further, uncharacteristically setting the stage in mid-19th century Arizona. A man with an iron shackle on his wrist, wakes up in the desert and doesn’t seem to know who he is. He’s approached by a bunch of angry-looking men who appear to be the town’s lawmen, who try to force him to come with them. But there’s a fight and he gets away. He goes into the town and into the saloon where he is discovered by another group of lawmen who want to arrest him, as they’ve recognized his face from a wanted posted. Of course, he doesn’t remember his crime, or anything else. But no one believes him and he’s taken to jail. As he awaits his fate, a mob of people start to stampede the jail house. At that moment, UFOs begin to zap into view.

They don’t seem very friendly though, as they begin to blast buildings and people randomly, into tiny pieces. It looks to me like the aliens are attacking again and probably for the same old reason…to take over the world. But I think our hero with the shackled wrist, will be the one to save the day. Good, fighting against evil, never seems to get old, does it… Besides that, how can a movie with Harrison Ford and directed in part by Ron Howard and Steven Spielberg, be anything but great! The movie stars Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford and Olivia Wilde.

Looks like a movie that I would definitely want to see, I love Steven Spielberg. Watch Cowboys and Aliens  online is about the cowboy days man wakes up in the desert I think it is and he notices this object on his hand , These people come up on him and he decides to kick but and get away going into town he does not remember what happen to him cause people know him but he does not know them these space ships show up first one big one and then it disappears pops back and others fly away from it and the town does not know what they are, they start blowing up the town and things start getting heated up Things start happening in the town some think they are demons others are not sure they start getting the people one by one and everyone is wondering who they are .this cowboy that does not remember seems to have a connection with them. I cant wait to see watch Cowboys and Aliens online it looks like a two thumbs up its about time they brought in aliens and cowboys this is going to be interesting to find out how it ends