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Posted on: July 4, 2011
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Watch Footloose online is a terrific homage to the 1980’s music and dance movie sensation that made Kevin Bacon a mega star. A religious Midwestern town has outlawed dance after a fatal crash involving 5 teenagers. A new arrival to town (Ren McCormick) arrives to stir things up. Ren meets and falls for the wild preacher’s daughter, who ends up having conflicts with her abusive ex boyfriend, the conservative town council and his new girlfriend’s minister father. Along the way he teaches the kids that dancing is a wonderful expression of life and love. Watch Footloose online is brought up to date, while retaining the warmth and good feeling of the original. Beyond the great music and outstanding dancing, this movie has a lot of heart. And the conflict is realistic; it is not between an unbelievably evil authority figure and a sweet innocent protagonist. Both sides of the conflict are sincere and respectfully handled. The adults are shown to love their kids but sincerely fearful of the dangers of dance, which represents the potentially damaging passions of youth. They are not shown as caricatures, but people that make reasonable decisions given their experience. The kids are shown to be respectful of their elders but naturally clamoring for expression for the feelings inside themselves. The movie is the classic confrontation between life loving kids wishing to express their passion for life and adults who fear the damage that can be caused by the free and irresponsible expression of joy by unruly adolescents. Set to modern music with up to date dance sequences this is a great coming of age story for the new millennium.

The classic hit of the 80’s has returned as a sore attempt to update and remake a movie that was perfect the first time around. At first glance, I was hoping my nostalgia would kick in and I really wanted to appreciate the new cast, starring Dennis Quaid as Reverend Moore, unknown Kenny Wormald as Ren and DWTS Alum & Country Singer Julianne Hough as Ariel, but it fell flat on its cinematic face. Hough comes through as a simple beauty with an edge that is sexy instead of innocent and Wormald is missing something that I can’t quite put my finger on. All the while I wonder if Quaid was trying to find nostalgia as well. I couldn’t get past missing the original cast and thinking their lines had been stolen from them which is why I’ll watch Footloose online when I get home. With every scene I found myself looking for Kevin Bacon and Lori Singer to jump out from the shadows and scream “You’ve been Punked!” The storyline hasn’t changed and the movie that was edgy in 1984 simply falls flat 27 years later. It’s truly disappointing to a 40 something that fell in love with Footloose all those years ago and still holds a place in my childhood heart. But I suppose it might cross over into today’s teen set as a fun summer movie. Personally, I’d pull out my old VHS to show my kids the original classic before plunking down cash at current ticket prices. This movie placed itself into my childhood and is so very dear to my heart and it should have been left, where it belongs, in 1984. So be like me and check out this movie, I’m going to just watch Footloose online.

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