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Gullivers Travels release date December 22, 2010.

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watch Gullivers Travels Online for free Gullivers Travels 2010 takes place in modern times. A lowly mail room clerk, Black Jack needs to spice up his life. To impress a pretty female boss of his he plagarises an article for the publication they work for. Highly impressed, she send Black Jack (Gulliver) off to a remote part of the world to cover a very interesting story. He is sent to the Bermuda Triangle and naively heads forth as he really wants to impress this girl. This film features, a spectacular cast, ranging from Jack Black to all the little people like Amanda Pete, and Emily Blunt to name a few.

While out in the Bermuda Triangle, Jack Black (Gulliver) gets caught in a violent storm. His boat completely capsizes and is sucked down to the depths of the sea. Miraculously Gulliver awakens! But upon further inspection of his surroundings he notices tiny ropes attached to his chest. He tries to get up to better inspect his surroundings but notices that he is being held down. He then looks around him and he sees hundreds of tiny men, with tiny ropes all holding him down! He notices that even his hair has been tied to tiny ropes and is being help by these strange people. Has he become a giant? Or are these people simply tiny? One little man who appears to be a man of some status and power, walks with his cohort onto Gulliver’s chest. This is when Gulliver lets out a loud scream and probably appears like a monster to these people.

He slowly gets wheeled back to town. A magnificent place, reminiscent of an older European city from the 1600s. Everyone runs down to take a look at the spectacle that is being brought back. Luckily for Gulliver they treat him nicely when they find out he is friendly. And this is when Jack Blacks adventure begins! On the December 22, 2010 release date of Gullivers Travels, join in on the adventure and watch Gullivers Travels online for free! This movie looks amazing and what a better way to spend your Christmas Eve’s Eve than to dive into the world of Gullivers Travels!

The movie Gullivers Travels is based on an old novel which is actually a classic. Now they have a new movie version. In fact, there were other movie remakes, but none will be this great. With Jack Black as the main character you simply cannot go wrong. This movie is going to be fantastic and Gullivers Travels is going to be  number one on my list of December movies, not counting Tron Legacy which is also going to be a fantastic winter blockbuster box office hit of doom! Yes sir, that was a long sentence!

watch Gullivers Travels online for free