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This movie is really catching my attention. I haven’t seen or heard Kate Blanchett’s name in a long time. I wonder what she has been doing and working on other than this in her life lately. I also saw a couple of other good actors in the movie, or should I say actresses. The young lady that was playing the lead role of Hanna was also in another movie with Mark Wahlberg called The Lovely Bones which was a great movie. This young lady is definitely a wonderful actress and seems like she will be around in Hollywood well into her adult years. I wonder what is going on in this movie. It seems as if this innocent little girl is more than meets the eye. Where do they live? She is very secluded, like they are in Alaska or something. I want to see why her father left her like that and when he returns what will go on. This movie is action packed! At least it seems like he has trained her all of her life to fight like him and be strong. He knows that she will be alright because he has taught her how to kick some butt. She reminds me of some action or super hero that doesn’t know the capabilities of their own powers yet. She seems special. Like the government is trying to do or has done some type of experiment on her father or her, but they got away. Maybe she isn’t bad after all. Or maybe then again she is.

Hanna (2011) is an upcoming action movie based on an amazing unique theme. This movie is being directed by Joe Wright. We all are very much familiar with his skills and efforts to make a movie something special. One can expect that he do the same with this movie also. The movie, as I said above, is based on a unique. This movie is hovered around a teenage girl who has enormous and extraordinary powers which she has gained from the systematic training provided by her father. Her father was a CIA agent and trained her well in the woods of Finland. The movie is being distributed by Focus Features and is expected to be a miraculous one. The movie is scheduled to be released on April 8, 2011. This movie has been the topic of many major discussions in the film industry and is one of the most over-viewed films. Saoirse Ronan and Cate Blanchett play the major roles in the movie. This adds to the quality of the movie. One can expect great stunts and actions in the movie. The available information about the movie reveals its uniqueness and the discussions on the movie reveals that the economic importance of the movie. The music in this movie has already captured the ears and minds of youngsters. The music is very much attractive and has a soothing effect. This movie is mainly targeted at youngsters and children and therefore, is expected to be an all-time success. One can assure that the money you spend for seeing the movie is not wasted. It would provide you with the excitement you ought for.

Wow, this movie looks very captivating. I am glad to see a female lead character portrayed here. I think Hanna will grip your attention from the minute it starts all the way through to the end. I like the fact that it deals with a variety of scenery and situations, from the extreme wilderness to the technologically advanced world, bringing old world and new world together. Hanna is definitely a movie worth seeing. Great breakthrough film for Saoirse Ronan. Is a different but perfect character for Cate Blanchette. This movie doesn’t seem to be the standard “let’s make an action film”, but it seems to have some depth of character.