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Watch Hop online will be light-hearted and fun. It is definitely geared towards children with the cute adorable bunnies and chicks. It is a family movie that both adults and children will enjoy. Animated movies have been catching on like wildfire in the past several years with movies such as UP, Despicable Me, and etc. I personally love computer animated movies because it seems so real but yet not at the same time. The movies are always funny and adorable. This movie will have a lot of music in it so that will appeal to the viewers. Audiences always seem to like seeing animals do things that humans doing this case, a bunny playing the drums. Although the trailer is pretty short and does not show much of anything about the movie, it still serves to intrigue the audience. Watch Hop online most definitely plays off on the “cuteness” factor. The animations seem to get better with each computer animated movie that comes out so this one will most probably have great effects. I also like movies that are like this because there is usually some morale or lesson to the movie. Such as the case with WallE and Happy Feet, there is usually some lesson for the viewers and it is a great way for children to learn these lessons. Parents can almost always take their children to this movie with confidence that there will be no inappropriate material and that their children will have a good time. Also, parents can also usually be confident that they themselves will enjoy the movie at least somewhat because there is always some sly pg13 humour sneaked into the movie that smaller children will no understand.

Unfortunately, the scenes given did not provide me with enough stamina to have any hint of desire to watch Hop online However, typically the computer graphic movies, such as Despicable Me, have a lot more than meets the eye. These story lines tend to have a much deeper meaning that children and adults alike can enjoy. My assumption would be that this movie will be primarily based around a rabbit who’s dream is to become a rock star. The choice of music is key when choosing a target audience. Upbeat, hard rock, can attract adults and teenagers to a “cartoon” movie. This movie looks like it will have a lot of depth to it and a lot of hidden agendas as far the rock star persona that the rabbit has. However, I think this movie will be both enjoyable and humorous, whether it be a family going to see it, a young and in love couple, or teenage kids with nothing else to do. The movie seems like it will have amazing graphics and vibrant colors for even young children to enjoy, if not understanding the story in it’s entirety. I look forward to more information about this movie and who will be the voices and what the storyline will be. It looks cute and the rabbit’s attitude seems like a cool boy looking for his big break in the music industry. It looks like the computer graphics that were used for Alvin and the Chipmunks, so it will be interesting to see what kind of audience this movie will bring to the theaters. Cute and clever, the movie seems like I will be a sure hit for children to go see with their family!

Stop me if you’ve heard this one: Small woodland creatures trying to make it in a human’s world throw their hats into the music industry; hilarity ensues. Oh, you have heard that one before? In the two theatrical adaptations of Alvin and Chipmunks that were so catastrophically horrendous that movie review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes currently ranks them below the universally despised Jennifer’s Body and Paul Blart: Mall Cop? Then I suppose if you were cynical, you’d say that Hop is a band-wagoning ripoff of two already horrible movies that, despite their abysmal quality, were nevertheless profitable among the hardly discriminating kiddie set, a demographic so pander-ready that it turned a profit on the execrable Last Airbender this past summer. You’d be rather impolitely correct on that count, but does the movie industry really care? The existence of watch Hop online is evidence enough that it doesn’t; not enough, anyway. For every original tale of a robot that finds companionship after centuries of isolation on a planetary ghost town, there’s at least three lazy rehashes of a low-rent, merchandise-ready cartoon from the 1980s that was plenty shitty enough before movie execs funneled it through their prized Cooler and Edgier (TM) filter under the guise of actual creative output. We didn’t need a film adaptation of a line of children’s action figures, but we got G. I. Joe. We didn’t need a reboot of a borderline content-less cartoon about a food-loving bear, but we’re about to get the inexplicably star-studded Yogi Bear. And we sure as hell didn’t need to revive Alvin and the Chipmunks, but that cash cow has already been so thoroughly milked that we’re now being spoon-fed the flavorless non-Alvin substitute known as Hop. And it’ll turn a profit and the cycle of crap will continue. Congratulations, movie industry: you’ve made me hate CGI bunnies.