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Watch I Am Number Four online is the upcoming movie on science fiction and will be released on 18-Feb-2011. In this movie their were 9 who were escaped. Each of this Aliens where given a guardian and will develop superhuman powers.They were all assigned a number. Number 1 was killed in Malaysia. Number 2 was murdered in Marline.And number 3 was hunted in Kenya. And the actor Alex Pettyfer is the number four in this movie and now he is on Target. He is running for his life. He makes a friend, she is a Midwestern girl and she is a photographer. Alex Pettyfer is in love with that girl and has to stand and fight for something.This movie is the production of Dream Works pictures. This movie is introduced in only English. And the budget of this movie is $50 to $60Million. This movie is of a different kind and has a totally different story. This movie if compared with the other science fiction movies, this will be in demand and will a blockbuster movie. The role of Alex Pettyfer is nice and different one. This revenge part is the main and important that can make this movie fly high. Alex Pettyfer really will play a good role and he needs a nice hug from my end. This movie is going to be a really good story.

Watch I Am Number Four online isn’t a very creative name for a film. Right out of the gate this movie doesn’t seem very good. The number four character voice over talking about nine escaped. If you are murdered I wouldn’t say you escaped anything. It does get you thinking, what did they escape from? Where are the other five guys, why are “they” killing them in a numeric order?  The trailer definitely gets me thinking. The whole powers thing looked pretty cool. Light coming out of the guys hand, maybe some type of psychic thing. I probably wouldn’t of thought of seeing this movie in the theaters, but Dianna Argon is in it. She is hot. I will see this movie only because she is in it. The rest of the movie doesn’t make any sense at the moment. the cops are after him, he is flashing his lighting hands all over the place. He is running from something, but what? I think its all about the aliens, probing a group of people and they stole a ship and returned to Earth. To keep up the alien deception, they have to kill all of the survivors to get rid of the evidence. I would like a little more of the story and not so much of the smoke and mirrors. The whole alien movies recently have been terrible. Skyline was one of the worst movies I ever saw, but it had great special effects. This movie looks like it has good special effects, but I can’t set through another Skyline. Lets all just Watch I Am Number Four online and save ourselves the risk.

There were five of us: No.1 was killed in Malaysia No.2 was Murdered in England No.3 is hunted down in Kenya No.4 Before they have come to the others, they have come for me, and I am No. 4 “This is a movie about 5 persons,who are involved into something, god knows what. The theme of the movie is like that of Covanan, however this movie has more action and mystery in it. The lead actor Alex Pettyfer has some sort of super power indulged with in him, he must have got that from some where, which is why the villains with super powers comes to get all the four. This is an action cum suspense movie and seems to me like this story has got a story of love. The trailer has given its best shot…., the story consists of 4 teenagers who seems to be studying in the same college, goes to some kind of excursion to some hidden paradise. On their way they seem to have got or looked in to something that they never should have in their life. Something must have happened after that to the four guys which they were not aware of. The hunt begins from the villains end. Kills the first guy in Malaysia, the second gets murdered in England, the third was hunted down somewhere in Kenya and the fourth, Alex Pettyfer is the under the process of being murdered and then his super power, hidden inside of him, comes into action. The rest of the story has to be watched. Seems like Watch I Am Number Four online is full of action and stuff.