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Posted on: July 4, 2011
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Watch I Don’t Know How She Does It online because the movie looks interesting. It seems to show how hectic real life can be. Sarah Jessica Parker is dealing with kids, a husband (Greg Kinnear) and a job .Sara also deals with being there for everyone. Sara is in a conference with Pierce Brosnan and right before that she gets a text about head lice, and it seems to bother her as she pictures little bugs crawling all over her head. She also has an excuse as she tells Kelsey Grammer and thinks what would a guy say when she came up with a mammogram. She tells Greg Kinnear that she could deal without a job but not without the kids and him. She also talks about parents having kids and not getting much sleep. She thinks of the list, for instance, taking Emily to school and more time for her husband. She also tries to take time to give Greg Kinnear some sex but when he gets washed up and comes out she is already asleep. She also says its hard to do birthday parties and Christmas and family but she does it. There are some women that ask how does she do it considering they just go to the park and do whatever. I think it will be a real good movie. I will definitely watch I Don’t Know How She Does It online. Some people need to go see it to see what real life is all about. Some people do struggle with all the things that the movie points out.

This movie looks like fun. This movie is about a mother of two small children and also a manager of big company played by Sarah Jessica Parker, who is very busy with her professional life and has no time to enjoy what she has accomplished. Instead she leads a hectic, nonstop life; busily trying to meet everyone’s needs and live up to the standards of motherhood. This movie has a decent star cast having the likes of Greg Kinnear, Kelsey Grammer, Seth Meyers, Pierce Brosnan, and Christina Hendricks. I am a big fan of Pierce Brosnan and I have one more reason to watch this film. But I am not a big fan of Sarah Jessica Parker, so I guess I would have preferred some other actress for this role who could have done much better. Because of this, I will choose to Watch I Don’t Know How She Does It online. But the screenplay of this movie is looking good and I would like to see a movie in which a woman balances her work, family and sex life together. The genre of this film is mainly comedy, but in the end it turns into a drama. I felt any married women living the life of a busy professional can relate to the character played by Sarah Jessica Parker. After you watch I Don’t Know How She Does It online, you will feel a sense of goodness, warmth and some regrets that “have I missed most precious moments of my life while I was running to make money?” This is a nice movie to watch with your family member and will be worth a watch.

I absolutely adore the way Watch I Don’t Know How She Does It online takes on the voice of a working mother (Sarah Jessica Parker) as she tries to maneuver through her professional and personal life with grace and poise. It almost feels as if her previous role of Carrie (Sex & the City) has grown up into an adult and she can’t find Mr. Big to save her. In this delightfully crafted movie she shows the true emotion of the ups, downs, inside, outside and the various social circles she stumbles through, all the while jumping through hoops trying to keep it all together. Through it she shows how she secretly wishes she could stay home and raise her children, yet she has a deep need to be a successful business woman (don’t we all want to be Super Mom?). It all swirls about with a whimsy. You can’t help but wonder and think I don’t know how she does it? The humor and view points are all something any mother working or stay at home can easily relate to, and often find themselves in similar shoes. You breathlessly hold on to your seat to take this emotionally driven roller coaster of life with her and see where she ends up. Crossing your fingers she makes it through o.k. Alongside her on this warm and witty adventure is Greg Kinnear as her endearing husband. Filling out the all-star cast are also Pierce Brosnan, Christina Hendricks, Kelsey Grammer, Seth Myers and Olivia Munn.

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