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Posted on: June 29, 2011
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Immortals (Director: Tarsem Singh) – Epic story of human hero Theseus from mythical ancient Greece told through latest cinematic technologies from creators of 300. This could easily be the subtitle of the movie. The plot itself, of course, deviates from the original tale of Theseus and is as Hollywood-ish as possible. Briefly mad and powerful king Hyperion (Mickey Rourke) declares war to all of humanity. To succeed in his goal he seeks the Epirus bow, weapon forged by Ares. According to the ancient law Gods may not interfere in human affairs, but if Hyperion succeeded the Gods would perish together with humanity. So Zeus (Luke Evans, John Hurt) chooses Theseus (Henry Cavill) as a hero who must unleash the Titans and humanity as well as the Gods. The result is known even before you buy the tickets. Awfully simple. But watching Immortals online and for free is not about telling people old Greek stories. This movie is about fantasy world build upon mythical Greece, but mainly about awesome action scenes, special effects and overall visual orgies. This movie is not about some deep psychology or philosophy. It is not telling some special story. This movie simply wants you to sit to the biggest screen with the best audio surround you can possibly get to, turn the mind off and be blown by its coolness. It is about the joy you get from flying with shot arrow. All in all it is a great movie for Friday afternoon after really hard week.

Watch Immortals online is for those who have not yet got tired of films inspired by Greek mythology, but also for fans of action films, the trailer for the movie Immortals, seems to promise a few minutes of pleasure . Directed by Tarsus Singh (The Cell, The Fall), the film brings to the big screen Henry Cavill, Freida Pinto, Mickey Rourke, John Hurt, Kellan Lutz, Joseph Morgan, Isabel Lucas, Luke Evans, Stephen Dorff, Robert Maillet, Stephen Corey Sevier and McHattie. The film follows the story of Theseus, a man chosen by Zeus himself, who must be one save both gods, and his home from titan Hyperion fury. He is looking for Arch Epirus, a legendary weapon created by Ares, with which was to liberate the rest of the Titans in Tartarus and revenge on the Olympians. From the trailer, looks like a combination Immortals form 300 and Clash of the Titans, which is not necessarily a bad thing? I think special effects are quite spectacular, considering that the film will be released in 3D Greek mythology is about the only source that can be exploited of its originality in the realms of Hollywood . Hopefully this movie will be good, the trailer looks great. After the disappointment Clash of the Titans, the film seems much better … and that is from the producers of the film “300” is a great asset … I hope it will not disappoint.

When I saw the trailer for Immortals, the first thing that came to mind, awesome graphics! That is definitely what called my attention about the movie at first, the visuals are amazing! I felt every single scene was so carefully thought of, but then, 300 popped into my mind. The jumps, the fights, the slow motion, it all shouted 300. And I was not wrong, the producers are the same. Now, I am slightly disappointed. That was an amazing movie and I should be thrilled the producers came back for more, but now I see too many similarities. Is it gonna be the same? Even the motivational speech Theseus is giving to his army seemed reminiscent of it. Although, one thing I can not complain about is the fact that they really know how to make everyone look good in movies, Immortals is no different. Henry Cavill looks amazing… and Freida Pinto, do I even need to say it? She is absolutely beautiful. If the actors are not reason enough to watch this movie, then I would do it for the sole fact that the story line is about ancient mythology. Greek mythology always has deep plots, a moral and is extremely entertaining. If they are able to portray that story with enough drama, then people will probably be able to get over the resemblance it has with the movie 300. I sure hope so, because Kellan Lutz… oh, I would love to see him succeed, I sure want to see more of him!

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