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Adam Sandler and Jennifer Anniston team up in this incredibly funny comedy about what happens when you give up honesty before you have even had a chance to try it. Watch Just Go With It online because Adam Sandler’s character, Danny, pretends to be married in order to pick up women for one night stands. He figures it is no strings attached and no one gets hurt so what’s the harm. At one point though he meets someone he wants more with. She sees his ring and he has to invent a whole ex-wife so as not to seem to be the pig he is. Jennifer Anniston as his coworker and friend ends up playing that role for him to try to help him at. As all lies it starts small and keeps on growing until it is out of control and also includes her two children. This is a funny movie with lots of commentary and substance to be gleaned about relationships and the value of honesty. I think this movie is well done and one worth seeing. It is light hearted but touches on a valuable topic that provokes thought around one’s dealings with other people, including those we don’t know and those we want to get to know as well as those we have known and never really seen. The acting is well done and Adam Sandler and Jennifer Anniston have good chemistry together which is so important in this type of film that rides so squarely on their shoulders to be a success. Just go With it online is  sure to be a great choice this evening.

A ‘Columbia Pictures’ presentation, watch Just Go With It online is set to be release on 11th February 2011. The film is directed by Dennis Dugan (Director of Grown Ups) and written by Tim Herlihy (Writer of Bedtime Stories). The movie stars Adam Sandler as ‘Danny’, Jennifer Aniston as his assistant Katherine, and Brooklyn Decker as the girl who Danny falls in love with. The other stars include Nicole Kidman, Bailee Madison, Nick Swardson along with others. For years, Danny has been pretending to be married in order to get sympathy from girls he dates.For him there are no strings attached so he keeps on living with the lie and wears a fake wedding ring, until one day he met this girl named Palmer (Brooklyn Decker) who he thinks he is the women of his dreams. Palmer finds out the wedding ring in Danny’s pocket and she thinks that he married gets upset. So Danny tells her that things are not going well between him and his wife and he is about to get a divorce in couple of days. Palmer requests to meet his wife and hear it from her. So Danny uses his assistant Katherine to pretend as his wife and meet Palmer. Things go smoothly until Palmer hears about Katherine’s kids and thinking that they are Danny’s kids too, she requests to meet them as well. Danny pretends to be nice with the kids in front of Palmer to make her believe he cares about them. Watch Just Go With It online seems like a good comedy movie and could be another of Adam Sandler’s success.