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Want to watch Love and other Drugs online tonight? Well you can watch it streaming for free, that’s right you can watch the movie online free. Just read this article and you will be enlightened on the path of knowing how to see this movie, Love and Other Drugs online. Here is a short review of the movie. I thought it was pretty good and I know you will love it especially if you are already a fan of the actors and actresses in this movie. Just get ready, sit back, and enjoy the ride. Oh, also there is a lot to learn from this movie in terms of flirting and body language and psychology and neuro linguistic programming! Have fun:

Great, another movie that involves a pharmaceutical company and some guy going through a mid-life crisis, kind of tired of those. However, Anne Hathaway is the main reason I will be watching this, as for Jake, I almost lost all hope in him after his Prince of Persia performance, he really should stick to these kinds of movies, it’s more his forte. Having said that, I usually hate these kinds of movies but the story isn’t too terrible to scare people away from. Id usually write this off as some MTV teeny bopper flick.

Hopefully this has a good balance of both Drama and Comedy, all too often these types of movies are off their balance and it really ruins the movie. My only concern is that its the same director of “about last night” which I hated and didn’t think it was even funny in the least, but this was back in the late 80’s, having said that , this does not look too bad of a movie, who knows it might end up being popular with the ladies. Personally I would watch Love and other drugs online, and I think the director should stick to movies like Blood Diamond where he has done much better in, but I guess that too has some romance in it if you want to get technical. Again Anne Hathaway is the star of the show here, she really is great to look at, has a very unique face and people will flock just to see that, shes also a fantastic actress.

So there’s my review, what do you think? Oh that’s right you can’t comment in here so you will just have to watch the movie and enjoy it anyway. Just click one of the large blue buttons to begin playing your movie! You may need to sign up, but it will only take a second, that is unless your forgot your first name email and or address. You couldn’t have done that can you?