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Posted on: August 7, 2011
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If you are waiting for a great adventure movie, watch Men in Black 3 online when it arrives here. Punched with comic adventures, the movie has been directed with genuine dexterity and passion by Barry Sonnenfeld. Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith look great in this flick – this duo comes back here as unique alien force agents, Agent K and Agent J. Must say that they are very spontaneous throughout the film and never once do you feel that they are enacting roles.

This version of Men in Black finds the characters placed in the 60’s. Watch Men in Black 3 online to take a look at the “retro” aliens who now have huge brains combined with bug eyes. Real cool! The plot looks exciting enough, with Agent J and Agent K in full fledged action throughout the whole of it. The film starts on a serious note when the world faces the threat of ravage from an evil alien, Boris. The role is played by Jemaine Clement and he is supposed to have done a great job. To stop him from blowing up the world, Agent J travels way back to 1969 and pairs up with Agent K in his mission to check the evil villain in his destructive endeavors. And there is an Agent Oh in the film too – Emma Thompson and she looks good as well.

The movie is absolutely hilarious, just like its earlier counterparts and uses the time travel element in a unique way. Watch Men in Black 3 online to experience such a novel concept. The Men in Black (Agent K and Agent J) are no less than FBI and makes sure that you remain glued to the film, every second of it, in their attempt to keep an eye on extraterrestrial commotion in the earth.

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