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Posted on: June 29, 2011
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Moneyball – I enjoyed watching the movie and think it will probably do well at the box office. It touched me emotionally because it deals with defying the odds and shaking up comfort levels to bring about change. It realistically shows the pain and joys associated with passion and determination. Billy Dean (Brad Pitts) represents, to me, many who refuse to believe that their ideas are less than what they think it is and refuse to accept that what others think must be right. Moneyball seems to be a movie that capitalizes on the strengths and weaknesses we all possess while simultaneously revealing our propensity for endurance, even under exacting circumstances. It showed the power of experience combined with inexperience and the value of having a vision. Billy Dean states at the beginning, “There are rich teams, poor teams, fifty feet of crap (below the poor teams), and then there’s us.” Implicit in this statement is the challenge to overcome the crap virtually using the misfits with the expectation of building and strengthening them and achieving success in the end. Moneyball seems to be about a father, Billy Dean, and his partner attempting to reinvent a system that had been working for years; destabilizing what had become acceptable standard; fighting against tradition, discounting what scouts had done for one hundred-fifty years, while resisting the temptation to quit under pressure. Overall, I think watch this movie online will touch the hearts of viewers who can identify with the pain and frustration of trying to think and implement ideas outside the box and being told it is best to stay within it.

Moneyball is based on a book written by Michael M. Lewis with the same title. Released by Columbia Pictures and directed by Bennett Miller, ‘MONEYBALL’ deals with the endeavors of a Baseball club to set up a new team. The club is under sheer financial crisis and its team under a lot of stress and their moral is down to hell. Management of the club appoints a new General Manager (characterized by Brad Pitt) to overcome the crisis. There were very richer teams competing who spent a lot of money for player’s salary alone. But the club’s balance sheet never offered to offer such great deals to find fine players. So, he had to look for something un-orthodox and un-usual means to build up a new, competitive team and win over the situation. He had great confidence on himself despite the situation did not favored him. The team’s training session showed how poor was the performance, adding to the wows of him. But he had another plans and had a great understanding on the differences between rich tams and poor teams. He scientifically analyzed each player through a rather unorthodox ways and tried to bring out the best in them. He had to grow the faith and confidence of each player on him and on themselves. More importantly, he re-drafted the system of rating the performance of the players and team on and off the field. This is a thrilling and energizing movie tempting each man to adapt to the situations and looking for new ways to overcome his crises.

True story of Billy Beane. This film is based on the novel “Money Ball” written by M.Lewis published in 2003, about the Oakland Athletics baseball team and its general manager Billy Beane. Its focus is the team’s modernized, analytical, sabermetric approach to assembling a competitive baseball team, despite Oakland’s disadvantaged revenue situation. Talking about the movie it is directed by Bennett Miller and produced by Michael De Luca, Rachael Horovitz and Scott Rudin. The screen play has been done by three guys who are Aaron Sorkin, Stan Chervin and Steven Zaillian. And the casting in the movie is done by Brad Pitt as Billy Beane. Remaining casting is given below. Jonah Hill as Peter Brand Beane’s assistant general manager Philip Seymour Hoffman as Art Howe Robert Kotick as CEO, president Chris Pratt as Scott Hatteberg Casey Bond as Chad Bradford David Justice as himself Kathryn Morris as Tara Beane Robin Wright Penn as Sharon Royce Clayton as Miguel Tejada David Hutchison as John Mabry The film’s script was originally written by Stan Chervin, and Steven Soderbergh replaced David Frankel as director. In the above video the sound effects is done very good also the cinematography is very cool, I think this movie will be a classic genre, I am waiting for this movie to be released in India, since it is going to be released on Sep 2011, I am crossing my fingers to watch the movie in theatre. I didn’t read the book but I am a diehard fan of Brad Pitt hence I am very much excited to watch this movie. Baseball game is the main theme of the movie and it will explain how a man is going to succeed in baseball. They’ll get plenty of publicity once their lease is up at the Coliseum and the Giants refuse to let them move to San Jose. Everyone loves an underdog, and what’s more underdogish than a shit poor and homeless team  that runs the risk of being contracted by the commissioner’s office? You’ve got plenty to look forward to. His movie will not show a salary cap is needed in baseball it goes in depth and deeper into statistics rather than just batting avg, homers, RBI’s etc The WAR (win above replacement stat is huge which takes every possible stat into consideration. MLB doesn’t need cap. Giants 10th in payroll last year, Phillies 13th in ’08 Cards 11th in ’06 Chi Sox 13th in ’05 Marlins 20th in ’03 Angels 16th in ’02 even D ‘backs only at 8th in ’01. Smaller markets have to rely more heavily on scouting

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