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Posted on: September 23, 2012
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Watch Monsters University OnlineI still remember watching Monsters Inc. with my brother and i have to say “It was great!!”. Now I’m going to watch Monsters University online when it comes out. This trailer introduces us to Mike and Sulley(the main characters of the movie) long before the events of the first film, as they are honing their scaring chops at the titular institution. Pixar is known for their movies but as we all they, they have a mixed track record with their sequels.(Toy Story 2 was considered the best of the pack but Cars 2 felt a bit under powered.) Pixar has hardly revealed the plot of the story in the trailer but the they seem a bit appealing to me. I probably won’t go see this at the theaters but I might still watch Monsters University online.

Given that Monsters University is a kids’ movie, we can probably rule out too much in the way of debauched student antics when Mike and Sully return to cinemas next June, but it’s good to welcome them back to the party nonetheless.

Why will I watch Monsters University online? I loved Monsters, Inc. movie. Monsters University is prequel to Monsters, Inc. Its movie about university year of Mike Wazowski(voiced by Billy Crystal) and Sulley(voiced by John Goddman) were studying in University Of Fear. As previous sequel, this one too promises a great laugh and comedy for viewers. The University year of Mike and Sulley when they weren’t friends back then. The fun riot both had with their monster friends while learning how to scare kids and their journey with amazing comedy is shown. The teen phase of both where they can’t stand each other and then they end up being Best friends is all this movie is about. Sulley is shown as popular one and Mike as not-so popular kid. Sulley as always looks cute and adorable. Mike accent is lovable. At end of movie you will fall in love with characters again. As this movie is about how Mike and Sulley became friends, there would be some emotional scenes, too. But don’t worry you will laugh in that too. There are some new characters to watch. Music background score given by Randy Newman makes movie completely exciting. If you are animated movie lover then go for this one. The movie has great comic timing and makes you laugh. This prequel is directed by Dan Scanlon and produced by Pixar Animation Studio. It has 3D computer animation and spectacular graphics. A must watch for kids and a complete family entertainer. I recommend you watch Monsters University online. Producers are going to earn lot as its begin released during vacation. Its will be a huge Hit for sure.

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