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Posted on: July 4, 2011
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Watch One Day online, why? Well, because it’s really beautiful story which tells you about friendship and love. It is a beautiful and awesome story which enables you to understand what the real friendship between two college mates is. I loved it so much and I was so sad that I don’t have a girlfriend like that. The thing which I loved so much in Watch One Day online is that the anniversary day of their friendship, beautiful concept. Nothing to say about the story, only one thing, yes it is an extraordinary film. Really I was crying when I saw some scenes of this movie. A real story which tells you about the power of love, the beauty of friendship and the pain when you lose it. Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess were really living in this movie. Another masterpiece from the director of the movie “An Education”, really wonderful. Usually this type of movie is not familiar in Hollywood. In comparing with other countries, South Indian films will concentrate about love stories or reality based film. Really I am a big fan of love stories. These types of films should come regularly which will help people especially in western countries realize the meaning of love, why because there the strength of a relationship is very weak when comparing with other Asian nations. Again when talking about “One Day” it really impressed me a lot. Anne Hathaway acted well and she is gorgeous. I like her so much and I am a fan of her. I used to watch all of her movies. Finally I am wishing all the best to the director and actors of this film.

The movie watch One Day online is a romantic, date night movie. With that said, it is easy to know what to expect from this movie and the movie seems content to add nothing to the genre. The premise of the film is that two people meet one day out of every year (the day they met) and discuss how their lives have changed. The question I asked about the plot of One Day is why? If two people love each other so much, as the movie suggests, why do they only meet at this time? What is so great about their love that they are willing to meet one day out of the year, but not progress anything further than that? If they really love each other, they should start a relationship and stop playing games. If they don’t like each other, why bother meeting? And if they are just friends, why do they only meet once a year? It doesn’t really make sense. The whole premise feels like a cheap way to add drama to their relationship and move other characters into their path. The end result is the same. Watch One Day online and these two characters will get together because that’s how almost every date night movie ends. It has to have the happy ending where the two main characters learn what the audience knew from the start; that they love each other and belong together. The movie isn’t even trying to turn the conventional plot on its head by introducing something new. One Day looks like every other movie in the genre.

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