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Posted on: November 13, 2011
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One for the money is an upcoming action comic movie being directed by Julie Anne Robinson. The movie is based on the famous novel One for the Money by Janet Evanovich. We all are very much familiar to the great movies from him. One can always count on him for more fantastic movies. He has got the potential and skills for the production of miraculous movies that are unique in nature, and would always win our hearts. Due to this fact, one can assure that this new movie from him would also be a great one. Adding to the movie’s specialty is the presence of Katherine Heigl as the main character in the movie. The movie is blessed with the presence of Jason O’Mara as well. With the acting skills both of them hold, one can assure that the movie would be a fantastic one for watch. It’s being heard that the stunts included in the movie are also perfectly done under professional supervision, which also adds to the movie’s uniqueness. The movie is set to hit the theaters on January 27, 2012, and is expected to be a great success. The movie has already received global attention due to the superb stunts involved in it. The movie is being distributed by Lionsgate, and is expected to gain large revenues. It’s being proclaimed that the movie would be a full-time entertainer, and you would be able to enjoy throughout. If you want to enjoy sometime with your family or friends watching a movie, then this movie is for you. You won’t regret it afterwards. I am already attracted to the movie and can’t wait for its release.

 This movie looks like a comedy movie with some good action and adventure. This movie has been made from the famous novel series Stephanie Plum series, written by Janet Evanovich. The movie is starring Katherine Heigl (Stephanie Plum) and Jason O’Mara (Morelli). I think people want to watch more of these kind of movies, rather than those sci-fi movies, which are nothing but a mere display of computer graphics and animations. I now find such movies interesting to watch as they display reality. This movie is fun to watch for people of all the generations – children, youth and the married. The last movie from the director Julie Anne Robinson did not do a great deal, but this movie promises to be a great entertainer. The best part that I like about this movie is the bottom line – “She’s Looking for a few not-so-good men”, it sounds kind of fun! Anyhow, I have this wierd feeling that the choice of selecting the actors has not been made appropriately. We will surely be noticing it once the movie turns up. I might be the only one getting such feeling. On the whole the movie looks to be very interesting and entertaining. Hopefully the director has done a good amount of job than his previous release. I am sure to give it a watch when it releases in the month of January, next year. Though I do not say that I am so desperate to watch this movie that I will book the tickets in advance.

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