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Posted on: September 17, 2012
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Watch Oz: The Great and Powerful OnlineOscar Diggs (James Franco), a small-time circus magician with dubious ethics, is hurled away from dusty Kansas to the vibrant Land of Oz. At first he thinks he’s hit the jackpot-fame and fortune are his for the taking. That all changes, however, when he meets three witches, Theodora (Mila Kunis), Evanora (Rachel Weisz) and Glinda (Michelle Williams), who are not convinced he is the great wizard everyone’s been expecting. Reluctantly drawn into the epic problems facing the Land of Oz and its inhabitants, Oscar must find out who is good and who is evil before it is too late. Putting his magical arts to use through illusion, ingenuity-and even a bit of wizardry-Oscar transforms himself not only into the great and powerful Wizard of Oz but into a better man as well the wizard is the books is kind of a jerk… I mean he arranges to have the real heir to Oz disappear into the hands of a weakling witch named Mombi. I wonder if this movie will even talk about that.
Well it’s a fantasy genre tale, but still there is no reason why it should be made into an epic looking movie. You should watch Oz: The Great and Powerful online. Besides, Gargoyles are Disney owned and they are actually an action packed product, making movies that are based on old simple stories like Wizard of Oz and Alice in wonderland and giving them sequels with the lord of rings treatment just looks dumb and embarrassing.

I don’t think the idea is dumb, actually it’s a perfect way for telling those stories. However, all the movies they’ve made are dumb, because it’s kind of a new genre, and they aren’t really exploring the story itself. So they take on REALLY stupid stereotypes, like ‘Hansel and Gretel: witch hunters” (Van Helsing) or ”Red riding hood” (twilight). So, if the studios continue to think these stories don’t need a deeper work, meaning or interpretation, they’ll never accomplish a good movie. Other wise people will just watch Oz: The Great and Powerful online.

Watch Oz: The Great and Powerful online because appears to be another in a long, exhausted line of new movies expanding on beloved stories of yesteryear. These films (the Tim Burton remake of Alice in Wonderland for example) typically favor style over substance. Judging from what I saw, this new Oz movie appears to be no different. Starring James Franco (who constantly appears stoned, confused and dumb) and a whole cast of shiny CGI friends, I would only watch Oz: The Great and Powerful online.
CGI is great when used in moderation, but is awful when done too much. The best special effects are sometimes the ones you don’t even realize are effects. Everything in this movie reeks of desperation. It starts out in black and white, practically saying “HEY WE REMEMBER THE OLD MOVIE?! DO YOU?! PLEASE, PLEASE WATCH THIS!”
Franco is the wrong choice for the lead. He delivers his lines as if reading off cue cards while high on valium and vodka. His blank expression does not have the depth that a leading man leads. While watching this, I do not think that he is the man who one day becomes the Wizard of Oz. I think “Hey, it’s James Franco playing James Franco. Except he’s wearing a goofy hat”
This movie will be probably be a big box office hit, but that’s because most people are stupid. To me, it looks nothing like an hour and a half long commercial for some crap that will be sold at Hot Topic and worn by teenagers who eat that stuff up. Oz the Great and Powerful? More like Oz: The Tired and Been Done Before. No thanks, Hollywood. I’ll watch Oz: The Great and Powerful online.

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