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Watch Pirates of the Caribbean 4 online (2011) is an upcoming English 3D movie in the series of Pirates of Caribbean. The movie is being directed by Rob Marshall. The movie is perceived to be released on May 20, 2011. I have always been a fan of the series and am quite thrilled find the release of the mew film in the series. I was quite dismal when the last movie of the series- At World’s End was released. I thought it would be the last of the series and was quite sad about it. Now I am quite happy and am looking forward to see it. The movie is being distributed by Walt Disney Pictures and thereby, has great potentiality in the field. Watch Pirates of the Caribbean 4 online is estimated to be of budget worth $200 million. There is no matter of surprise in the fact as the movie is mainly based on profit-making and there is no doubt that the movie would be all time entertainers and a great success. As usual Johnny Depp and Geoffrey Rush are playing the prominent roles. I doubt if there is any human on the planet who is not acquainted to the movie’s theme, which is quite unique and interesting. Well, the theme of the movie is all about the pirates and the adventures of Jack Swallow and his mates. Many imaginary living beings are also form as unavoidable part in the story. The new movie would also be based on this base with some new adventures. I am sure that the movie would be a miraculous one and you also could assure that the movie would be a great one. It is preferable to all age groups and is quite amiable in nature.

I have mixed feelings about the fourth Watch Pirates of the Caribbean 4 online movie. I loved the first installment, The Curse of the Black Pearl. I like the second movie, Dead Man’s Chest. And I hated the third movie, At World’s End. So that makes me a bit apprehensive about the fourth version. If the movie gets back to its roots and is a fun adventure, I’ll probably like it. However, I am concerned about the absence of Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightly. These were two of the main characters, Will and Elizabeth. Of course, Johnny Depp, as Jack Sparrow, is returning. He’s a lot of fun to watch on screen. He’s made Jack one of the most memorable characters on screen for a long time. He’s funny and not your typical hero. On Stranger Tides does promise some new characters (like Penelope Cruz). Hopefully, these new characters will fill the hole left by the departure of our beloved hero and heroine from the first three films. My favorite part of these movies is when they manage to mix adventure, like swashbuckling pirates, with wit and fun. I like to laugh and be sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for what will happen next. I do not like cliffhangers, so hopefully this movie will wrap up its plot and not just be a setup for a fifth movie. Overall, I will definitely go see this movie because it holds do much potential. Here’s hoping it’s as good as the first one.