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Posted on: September 7, 2012
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PITCH PERFECT – For all the Gleeks out there, and all the fans of the new glee-club craze, this movie is a must-see! For all the haters, this movie is a must-see as well!
Based on the new fad, this movie follows a glee club of misfits who can never seem to make it until adding new members Beca (played by Anna Kendrick!) and self-declared ‘Fat Amy’ (played by Rebel Wilson) changes things up! And who doesn’t love a little girl power as their team heads up against their male competitors!
I have loved musicals since my first brush with Grease and love comedies, so think this will make a great popcorn movie! Well it is no thought provoking, open-your-eyes film, it is definitely going to be entertaining and fun, perfect for a date night or girls night out, unless you decide to watch Pitch Perfect online!
I think most older teens and college students will especially appreciate this movie since it is such a big craze right now for that age group. Whether they are into it or not, they can get a good laugh about it.
With all the tv shows and films about it so far, there hasn’t yet been a comedic spoof, so this film will take first place there! Probably a movie moms and older daughters would enjoy together as well!

Watch Pitch Perfect online because it’s a comedy movie that looks to utilize a fairly lowbrow sense of humor. Jokes about someones manboobs and another persons weight are just a couple of examples of the style of humor the movie uses. Personally, this is not the type of movie I enjoy, despite that, I think I can say that the movie succeeds at the style of humor it is trying for. On the other hand, the plot seems pretty generic and standard, a group of girls join a singing group and then participate in a competition together. Despite not seeing the movie, I think I can easily predict the rest of the plot. The all girls singing group overcomes all adversity that they face in the competition and ends up winning it.

This is an archetype that movies have been following for ages, and everything I have seen about Pitch Perfect makes me believe it will also follow this age old archetype, though I would be happily surprised if that didn’t happen. Despite the lowbrow sense of humor and a plot that is likely predictable, the movie itself seems to be well acted, and the actors all look and sound natural throughout. I probably won’t be seeing the movie at least not on opening week or near that, but if you are looking for a simple comedy film with a simple plot that you and some friends can just sit down, enjoy and have some laughs, Pitch Perfects looks like to be a good choice to watch online.

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