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Posted on: January 17, 2012
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PROMETHEUS: Another great science fiction movie from the house of 20th Century Fox. Be sure to check out this awesome movie by watching Prometheus online. A great work by director Ridley Scott. It can be better described as action thriller. Aliens are attacking our world again. Creating danger to the life of whole mankind and may be a great threat to the all living species in earth. They (aliens) come with all kinds of hi-tech weapons in their really big space ships traveling many many light years in outer space. One of the space ships crashes in earth. A team of experts went to see the debris to investigate what happened there. The went with all kind of protections to save themselves from contamination from the outer space waste.But besides all precautions the team loses some of its members to discover a full armory and some samples of living species from outer space. That proves the intention of the intruders. Our experts found that they are really a hard nut to crack. Meanwhile other space ships also comes to earth. They are ready for an war with human species. It seems that the end of earth is very near. They are so strong so powerful. Now it become responsibility of our scientists to rescue earth from them. Then the movie become packed with thrill and action. The team has to went on against unmatchable with their wit, courage and stamina. It can keep the audience pasted to their chair. The hi-tech systems shown in the movie are really awesome. The special effects are really appreciable. Great thoughts and imaginations have been employed to create those design of aliens. The graphics of outer space, space ships, are so real. It is a great movie to watch Prometheus online so that you can enjoy this top notch and bad ass movie!

The movie Prometheus is very excellent to watch Prometheus online. The new film making and animation technology used is very attracting to my movie watching eyeballs! Ridley Scott Proved to be a Good Director with his fantastic creation.They went looking for beginning and what they found could be our end nice caption related to the movie. Mind catching still and view still haunt my mind and ask me to view once more the movie. I really like the scenes,Graphics used and are well presented in this movie.The characters are well presented and they do their job pleasantly. The movie has unthinkable scenes and we could not judge this is going to happen next like some ordinary movie. This high tech movie will be generally enjoyed by all people from children to old age. The movie says about unknown fact and here guesses are no matter. We also enter into the movie like the character,feel the background and begin to live with the movie as it goes on. The movie is about space,planets and about certain age.This movie could make wonders and may be box office hit. I am very eager to see the movie with my family. I think kids would enjoy this movie. This movie will take them to some unknown world and make them happy. The movie will make the viewers happy since it does not show the chaos of ordinary world and its worries.Extra ordinary features of this movie will amaze the viewers.Prometheus the title of this movie is a different one form ordinary one and will make people to view the movie to see what is in it.

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