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Posted on: June 29, 2011
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First of all, I just want to say that I am a huge fan of the Shrek series, one of the best animated movies of all time for sure. And Puss in Boots was hands down the best character, besides Eddie Murphy’s Donkey (so Donkey better be in this one!!) So I think a spinoff for Puss is great, super cute. I don’t generally see animated movies, but since I loved Shrek and Puss sooo much, I might go see it, even if it’s just because I want to hear Antonio Banderas’s sexy voice! I don’t know if it’s possible to have a crush on a cartoon cat, but I think I do. This movie looks super fun, especially with what sounds like a modern and hip soundtrack. Hopefully it features more Pitbull besides just Calle Ocho. This movie makes me want to have a little kid in my life so I would have an excuse to go see it. But I don’t see myself shelling out ten bucks to see it in theaters that are for sure. I’m really curious as to what other Shrek characters the move will feature and how similar it will be to Shrek. As long as it has the same feel and attitude of Shrek, I’m sure it will be really great, although it will be interesting to see how it compares to the Shrek movies, because I don’t think it will be able to simply ride on its coattails of awesomeness. But maybe it can, so we’ll see.

The trailer of ‘PUSS IN BOOTS’ is awesome. This movie will be liked mostly by the kids. Music in this trailer is very powerful. Animation which will be seen in 3D is Fantastic. The title of this movie “PUSS IN THE BOOTS” suits very well because the Kitty with its Black Boots in the trailer is the main Hero who attracts everyone. The stunts shown in the trailer has lots of fun. Definitely, the story will be loved by every kids and the laughing sound will be heard throughout the film till the end in the theaters. I think the story is based on the kitty that does naughty things in and around the village and at last it becomes Hero to everyone. I feel the trailer is too short and it can include some more fun scenes. The ending of this movie is not that much interesting and it can be better than this. But I love the Kitty shown in the Trailer. Its costume and diction used is very good and its fun. It is a DreamWorks project that is doing good films definitely does their best in this film too. Sure, there will be a lot of expectations among the audience when they see this trailer. The scenes in this trailer have lots of fun item which attracts everyone. The voice of the Kitty is marvelous and its suits well. Overall the trailer is good to watch and to listen. Surely this will be liked by everyone.

Directed by Chris Miller, the same who worked for Shrek the Third, Puss in Boots will be released, like most animated films from the last time in 3D. Antonio Banderas returns to give the voice of Puss, accompanied by Salma Hayek, Zach Galifianakis, and Billy Bob Thornton. Puss in Boots and I Know You Want Me (Pitbull), entering the scene of the character is quite nice and hilarious. I liked this character in Shrek series, I think it will be a pretty good animation. Now that Shrek series ended more or less apoplectic, we can prepare for some spin-offs which theoretically extend the fictional world of fairy tale characters. The first such film is grown on the back franchise Shrek is Puss in Boots, in which was given to Puss in Boots freedom to get into own adventures, without being eclipsed by ogres and donkeys. Puss in Boots, which is an innate conqueror of harts, steals all women and cats eyes in the region, being charming by the smooth main character Puss In Boots. Looks like old cat Boots, much older than Shrek, regain its rightful place in the world of cartoons and will play their role of “bad cat” in 3D. Considering that it main focus are children, and that they story has to as such that they may be able to enjoy the plot ,I believe that it will be a good distraction for me too. It is a change to laugh and enjoy the kid side.

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