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Posted on: June 29, 2011
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Honestly, this movie doesn’t appeal to me at all. First of all the plot is tired and it’s been done so many times. A trainer wants to make a champion out of nobody… oh wait, except this is with robots. Well, robots are tired too. The movie seems like it’s going to be a flop. I’m not a fan of action films to begin with. I especially dislike how they try to add some element to make it a bit more dramatic. So he has a son he didn’t know about and he wants to know his father… Well, that’s been done before too. This movie looks stupid. I’d rather stay home and do chores than Watch Real Steel online. The whole concept of this film is laughable. There’s nothing appealing about this film at all. I don’t know who would want to pay to watch this sort of crap but, I wouldn’t watch it if you paid me. Haven’t we been tortured enough already with sucky robot movies in previous summers? Do we really need more? I am not interested in watching robots boxing even if it’s in IMAX. This film is just drivel for the masses. I am also tired of Hugh Jackman, can’t he just go away for a while? The only people I can think of being excited for this film are little boys, maybe. Seriously though, people are getting paid to make movies like this? It really is a shame. Robots are done, robots boxing is dumb, and little boys reuniting with their fathers… boring.

Wolverine star, Hugh Jackman, radiates in his new film “Real Steel.” He portrays a military man that has come home to get in a boxing ring with gigantic, terrifying robots. Jackman’s charisma and solid portrayal of a man with a mission sets this film at star levels. His soft side is brought out by a young boy that wants to tag along. This is a story about triumph, courage, and loyalty. The special effects in Real Steel live up to expectations. With a summer lineup that includes the final transformers which is a very popular film, it is courageous to create a film that will be compared to that magic. But this film definitely lives up to what is expected of it. It is nonstop action, state of the art special effects, a huge star on screen (Hugh Jackman), a newcomer child star, Kevin Durand, and a lovely leading lady, Evangeline Lilly that holds her own. Her ability to stand with the big name of Hollywood promises her a long career in this business. Real Steel will surprise you and keep you on the edge of your seat. The fighting scenes are vivid and creative. You will never know what is coming next in this futuristic boxing movie. High Jackman is able to act with the green screen just as good as the rest. The robots are personified with angry eyes and crude voices. They step up to the plate as well and you will be pleasantly surprised at their ability to scare you.

Real Steel has really caught me off guard. Seeing the title and the premise before actually watching the trailer I thought sincerely that it was going to be some kind of direct-to-DVD release that no one would particularly notice. Instead, after watching it, I realize it’s a much more fleshed out story with some real acting power behind it. The underdog fighter rising up to become champion is most certainly not a new concept, but Real Steel would appear to be one of the first to go after this concept using robots. Considering the success of the recent transformers movies and the constantly improving use of CGI there certainly lies a lot of potential within the concept. Using robots instead of humans not only removes a lot of the blood and grittiness from the reality of boxing, but also makes it very flashy and even potentially entertaining to children, or at least a younger audience. Hugh Jackman is a fantastic actor and struggles to not make a role work very well. His presence alone will be very helpful to the success in the movie and it would appear that the role that he’s playing within this movie would suit his talents quite well. Seeing Hugh Jackman relate to a child is very endearing and it would be a good break from what could be a very fighting based movie. Watch Real Steel online certainly has the potential to be very successful and I look forward to seeing it in full.

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