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It is going to be a freakin’ wonderful movie, I know I’m going to watch Rio online. I am eagerly waiting to watch this movie online. This film is to set to be Released in April 08, 2011. Rio is 3D animated movie features from the makers of “Ice Age” films which was an excellent movie. The movie seems funny and highly entertained that will keep us laughing. It is a good animations with some good looking early computer effects. The voice cast by Anne Hathaway, Rodrigo Santoro, George Lopez and Kate del Castillo. The voice cast is also great. This movie is set in the magnificent city of Rio de Janeiro and the lush rainforest of Brazil. The film is written by Don Rhymer and directed by Carlos Saldanha. It would be a full of memorably and likable characters you can really identify with and care about. The story tells about a nerdy macaw leaves the comfort of his cage in Minnesota and heads to Rio de Janeiro. It would a brilliant movie of Carlos Saldanha which would a memorable film. I think this film would be funny, emotional. I give this film a perfect 10. A gorgeous color palette in the animation. The voice and screenplay also blend very well with the visual feast that it produces such a high quality movie. Most families obviously consist of children of different ages – so it is not easy to find a film that appeals to teenagers as well as 3 year olds. I strongly recommend it for children. Rio – you done right by us movie fans again…Rio is great

Watch Rio online looks so cute and I know that my kids with love it too. It’s the first movie I’ve seen that comes out in 2011 that looks like it’s worth to go see in the theater. With a great cast like the comic genius George Lopez as the toucan Bobo and all time favorites Anne Hathaway and Jesse Eisenberg (Blu) the movie looks to be a great success. Anne Hathaway is very good with voice overs and has a very pleasing voice and no one can portray a cautious, worrywart quite like Jesse Eisenberg. The idea of a little domesticated bird trying to fly for his first time and a well-winged toucan trying to teach and motivate him is very easy for kids fall in love with and it makes for a cute plot. My kids cracked up when they saw the birds bounce off of that lady’s butt. Since it’s from the creators of Ice Age everyone knows that the quality of the animation and the storyline will be top notch. They always have a way with making the characters (sometimes very impossible) believable. Plus the characters are always so cute looking. Blu and Jewel look to be super cute and cuddly and they make for a cute couple as well. The fact that it takes place in Rio de Janeiro is exciting and and it will be interesting to see all of the things they plug into the movie. Locational children movies are fun for kids because they seem so foreign.

Don’t make any mistake, this movie is bound to be a box office blockbuster. With the great for acting from all the characters to the bright colors and gorgeous scenes. Movies with that kind of combination are set for success, without a doubt. Not only will the target the younger audience, but parents will be drawn too by the cool look animations. If you are going to watch Rio online then be sure to stick to and click one of the big blue buttons to watch it now!