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Posted on: June 29, 2011
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Rise of the Planet of the Apes looks like it could be a very interesting movie to watch. I’ll admit my expectations weren’t too high for this movie since I have never watched any of the previous Planet of the Apes movies. After viewing the movie and seeing an actor like James Franco involved with the movie, I’m actually interested in going to see this. It’s a fascinating topic to explore whether or not humans go too far in interfering with the natural order of things. I didn’t really recognize any of the other actors in the trailer, but from what I could see they hold their own and maybe it’s a chance for some new faces to get recognized. The apes themselves seem cute and cuddly, especially the scene where they open the box and a baby ape is inside, and then seem more menacing as they appear more human-like. The scene where one of the apes was standing over two people as they slept was particularly chilling to me. Is too much knowledge dangerous for an animal like an ape? It appears as though the ending is going to be an epic battle between us and the apes. I’m not really sure who to root for since I’m of the opinion that animals should be allowed to function as they should and be amongst their own kind. Man should not attempt to play God, it always blows up in their faces.

Watch Rise of the Planet of the Apes online because this movie, which serves as a prequel to an eventual “reboot” of the Planet of the Apes series, looks to be of a somewhat cliché “science with good intentions goes horribly wrong” plotline. However, tired though it may be, it is also full of action and suspense, making it a potentially good blockbuster movie for the last weeks of summer, as the movie is set to arrive in theaters August 5. The movie stars James Franco, who was cast after original choice Tobey Maguire could not be landed. It is hard to imagine Franco in the role of benevolent scientist, considering his string of more humorous roles, but he has demonstrated himself to be a very capable actor, so this should result in a good performance that carries the movie through its inevitable weaker moments. After Franco’s character tests a miraculous new wonder drug on a young primate, the animal begins to display intelligent human-like capabilities. Unfortunately, the novelty of this chimp quickly wears off, as he escapes from captivity to be placed among other apes, which he eventually leads on to a revolt of epic proportions against the human world, resulting in mass hysteria. As technology has evolved, it has shown CGI to be a worthy replacement for live action, and computer-generated graphics are quite obviously heavily involved here. The animators certainly haven’t skimped on quality, as the simulated simians and inevitable explosions and action scenes look realistic and well-done. While there may not be a great deal of substance present in this movie, it looks to certainly be a fun and exciting thrill ride for its audiences, the perfect cure for the end-of-summer blues.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes online is an awesome movie in which the experiments with genetic engineering lead to the development of intelligence in apes and the onset of a war for supremacy, an upcoming 2011 American science fiction film. The movie is directed by Rupert Wyatt. The primary cast are James Franco( Will Rodman) , Freida Pinto (Caroline), Andy Serkis (Caesar), John Lithgow (Charles Rodman), Brian Cox(Hank Landon), Tom Felton (Dodge Landon), David Oyelowo (Steve Jacobs), Tyler Labine (Franklin),David Hewlett (Hunsiker).The background music score high composed by Patrick Doyle. The genetic engineering related experiments & the war is digitally high resolution. It’s a proud that the Indian actress Freida Pinto ,heroine of Oscar winning films “Slumdog Millionaire”, is the heroine. It’s really a historic adventurous movie. I really like it. Such an amazing teamwork. Hope It’ll be a record-breaking hit worldwide. It’s very scary & mind-blowing. I’m a diehard of Freida Pinto. She’s beautiful & glamorous..I saw the previous series of the Planet of the Apes. It’s terrific & really scaring. So I expect this series’ be undoubtedly terrific. I’m so eager to see it. It’s such a thrill I never experienced. Its story follows a young scientist who becomes a crucial figure in the war between humans and apes. Franco has been testing his Alzheimer cure on apes, but one of them, named Caesar, starts to evolve rapidly, so he takes him home to live with him and protect him from the cruel doctors, thus starting the inevitable ape revolution. I think this movie will soon be another success story. As could be expected from its makers

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