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Posted on: September 6, 2012
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Watch Silent Hill: Revelation OnlineSilent Hill Revelation 3D- This is really must watch movie for halloween. Adelaide Clemens fits into her character as Heather Mason effortlessly. Her father Christopher Da Saliva(Sean Bean) disappearance which leads the journey of finding secrets about nightmares and other mysterious indicates keeps you engaged to watch movie. Characters like cult Claudia Wolf (Carrie Ann Moss) and Leonard Wolf(Malcolm McDowell) add required spice in movie. The “other dimension” of her nightmare looks little bit artificial. Silent Hill is shown as horror city, but it doesn’t seems so. The flow of action sequences is very exciting. The opening of movie is loud and will look good in 3D. The acting of characters are disappointing though. Effects given to Heather nightmare would be worth to watch in 3D. As this movie is based on survival video game, it does disappoint compare to game special effects. Video game based this movie has lot of expectations from the game lovers.

The watch Silent Hill: Revelation online effects look good and sound effects do complete justice. Somewhat the dialogues are lacking the charm of horror movie. Silent Hill Revelation’s cinematography is also fine. The look of Heather Mason is very refreshing. Kit Harington as Vincent looks absolutely awesome. Overall, watch Silent Hill: Revelation online because it’s a good movie for halloween see. If your expecting to get scared then don’t. It won’t scare you or surprise you much, but you will do enjoy it with friends. Also, don’t expect anything new its same as its game. Producers will earn money though as it has huge fans following.

Watch Silent Hill: Revelation online seems like a scary movie that is well suited for 3D, way too many movies have been coming out in 3D lately and they shouldn’t be in 3D, however; this particular movie looks like it will do well in 3D. The graphics look pretty good, however; with some of the creatures portrayed they cool completely computer animated and it is almost painfully obvious. But in general the overall look of the movie seems to have been done very well. The actors portrayed fit the bill nicely in regards to looks and wardrobe, perfect for a horror movie. Seems like a rather simple plot however, not much depth, girl meets guy, father gets kidnapped and taken to scary place, so in order to impress the girl the guy goes along to help find her dad. Not a very original plot, but what does look interesting is the variation of different types of creatures or monsters and the over all mystery behind Silent Hill. This is where I believe the movie will be most attractive for the viewers, the plot has been seen far to many times in the past and has no real depth, but what has the potential to give it depth is the implication of different types of antagonist creature types. What can take away from this however; is the poor graphics and used to portray the computer animated creatures.

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