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Posted on: September 17, 2012
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Watch Silver Lining Playbook OnlineSilver Lining Playbook – This is the first word that came out of my mouth after learning of Silver Lining Playbook. I am happy to see Jennifer Lawrence in a very different role just a year after her much talk about blockbuster film The Hunger Games. I really think that she’s a great actress to be playing different roles. Bradley Cooper is also becoming one the best actors in Hollywood today, he could portray a very disturbed character very well yet he can still play a very funny guy. Now that’s the qualities of a good actor. The movie looks fun but it really deals with problems most of us encounter, although we don’t usually admit it, we can really identify with the characters’ situation. I am also happy to see Robert De Niro in this movie.

There are really no small roles for great actors, I really admire him supporting young actors, like what he did in the Ben Stiller movies. Julia Stiles is also a plus, even if she was not very active in big screen lately, she still has it. I last saw her in the Dexter TV series and she was great and she still looked great. I don’t care if people say that this is another feel good romantic comedy. I think we have to watch more positive movies like this to make our outlook in life positive. Even if doesn’t help solve our problems, at least we get to relax, laugh and fall in love for two hours.

Silver Lining Playbook looks pretty interesting. It’s probably something where I would watch Silver Lining Playbook online. Honestly, I would probably just download it; not to watch it myself, but just to brag about having it. It is pretty cool seeing Bradley Cooper and Robert DeNiro in a romantic comedy/drama. They played very well together in Limitless. It’s also good to see Chris Tucker back on the movie scene. I haven’t seen him in a movie since Rush Hour 3.

Silver Lining Playbook has a nice story to it. I haven’t seen too many movies that try to make light of people living with pretty serious problems. I think that Bradley Cooper plays this part pretty well. As far as his love interest is concerned, I am not really familiar with her. She looks like she nailed her part as well. It also looks like Chris Tucker’s role in the movie is pretty small. It might just be a small leap for him to get back into the acting scene.

I like Robert DeNiro as the Sarcastic old person. He did very well throughout the ‘Focker’ series (Meet the Parents, Meet the Fockers, Little Fockers), so I’m positive that his role is delightful and quirky, like a funny old man without much patience.
Overall, the movie looks like It could be a blast for date night with a significant other, or to watch Silver Lining Playbook online. There’s eye candy for the women with Cooper, and for the men with the other lady. She was pretty, but I’ve seen way better. Plus she’s a little crazy, so I wouldn’t be to infatuated with her while watching this. It’s a big turn off.

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