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You can now watch Skyline online for free in full movie streaming! I can tell you this much: I’m seriously blown away by this trailer. I just cannot wait to see this movie. Honestly, I never even heard of this movie until September 14, and I would have expected to have seen this trailer way earlier! This movie is a complete sleeper and will hit the theaters with a huge surprise to the competing films.

This movie looks like mind blowing fun with loads of action and special effects. It plot starts out similar to most alien invader movies out there. But the scenes of the massive extermination of the human race are quite striking. I maybe biased because I can sit through almost any science fiction regardless of the quality. This movie really turns me on and gets all my juices flowing. The idea of a small group of survivors trying to overcome great odds is not a new one. However, with the distruction and special effects in this film it just puts it over the top. You have to watch Skyline online right now! Just click one of the blue buttons at the top to get your friggin’ mind blown!

I can’t wait to see this. Although the story maybe a common one, today’s movies are all about the presentation. And this movie is breaking new ground. I love the casting of Eric Balfour and Donald Faison. Faison never gets enough respect for his comedic chops and Eric Balfour is a great actor that never seems to catch a break. His character in Haven is the only reason to watch the show. This movie should be a great break for both of them. Hopefully, this will be the next great sci-fi movie as long as it does not follow the same old story to the letter. It needs to have a twist that will set it apart from every other sci-fi blockbuster wanna be. Overall, it looks like a great thrill ride with superb special effects and qualty acting talent.