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Posted on: June 29, 2011
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This movie is superb and the videography is awesome. Usually Columbia Pictures Productions are wonderful. Because, they are producing the pictures with latest technologies. And, it shows that the animation film industry goes into next level and in 3D it’s really glorious to watch.

Watch The Adventures of Tin Tin online – First off, I love this 3D animation. I have seen several movies by Pixar, but now Nickelodeon? This is fantastic! And to start off with that cute little dog? I mean, he makes you want to just reach through the screen and cuddle with him, and it’s just a cartoon! This movie just screams adventure for children, as well as adults. In the same sense though, it almost looks like the same plot that has been done over and over again. Boy goes on adventure, lots of crazy stuff happens, the end. I look forward to seeing this film in the future and really hope that Steven Spielberg, which his phenomenal reputation, doesn’t not let us down with what I think is one of his first attempts at a kid’s movie? I could be wrong. Everything I saw just keeps telling me ” crazy fantasy adventure “, which if done right is always a good thing, but it has to be original. All in all, I think it is worth it and really hope that I am not disappointed and wish for that time back..

Watch The Adventures of Tin Tin: the Secret of the Unicorn online is the best movie of the month! I’m not really a huge fan of animated movies, but this one doesn’t look bad. I’m glad to finally see some more of what cartoons are made for- visual humor, luckily though it isn’t crammed down your throats or anything, it’s a lot more subtle. Just as well, this isn’t just a movie for the kids, it has an actual story line. There isn’t all that much to be learned from the trailer, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, most movie trailers tell you the entire plot which gets old fast. For this movie, you will have to actually SEE it in order to find out what happens, which will definitely feed the curiosity of the viewer- whether they be young or old. And hey, it’s directed by Stephen Spielberg? That is interesting. The movie is apparently based on a series of comics from France in the 1920s and has since then stayed alive in one form or another, this film will probably bring it to new heights of recognition. Anyway, getting back to the main point of this movie– its animation looks fantastic. They clearly made a huge effort to create moods in every scene, though as I have stated before, it isn’t crammed down your throat. Everything looks visually awesome, with very diverse landscapes. All of the animations – motions, movements, and so on – look extremely natural for an animated film. Looks to be a very adventurous story that goes to the ends of the earth.

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