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Posted on: August 7, 2011
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Watch The Dark Knight Rises online to enjoy the 3rd series of Christopher Nolan’s Batman films. A superb blend of action, adventure and crime, the movie is set to hit the theatres on July 20, 2012 and is a must-watch for all action-film lovers. Christian Bale, once again plays the role of the batman here and the word is out that he is absolutely terrific as a super-hero in the movie. The way Christopher Nolan has put together the film it looks like it is going to be the biggest Batman flick on screen.

Watch The Dark Knight Rises online to see how Bale has adopted the role of a recluse, somewhat by choice and to some degree by necessity. He had become the pariah of Gotham after Harvey Dent’s murders in the earlier movie and life seems not to have improved a lot for him post that event although he has reconstructed Batcave and Wayne Manor. If you like Anne Hathaway, you will find her in an interesting villainous role here, her villainous stints being punctuated by Batman’s love interest in her. And in any case, she looks less of a villain and more of a rival hero in The Dark Knight Rises.

Watch The Dark Knight Rises online to see the marvelous acting of Gary Oldman. He is at his histrionics best in the movie as James Gordon, the commissioner, who alone is aware of the reality behind Batman’s part in the 5 murders in the plot. Watch out for serious drama when James is torn between his loyalty for his friend and the compulsive manhunt that he must lead for the killer.

All other players of the film like Tom Hardy (Bane), Marion Cottilard (Miranda Tate) and Joseph Gordon-Levitt (John Blake) are also brilliant in their roles and fit the equation of the film flawlessly. Watch online for a great show time at home!

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