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Posted on: January 17, 2012
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watch the dictator online“No, of course not. You are much less hairy.” That had me laughing out loud literally. I still quote Borat and Bruno and Ali G till this day since first watching those and envy anyone who is about to see either for the first time. Hence, I can’t wait til this comes out! I most definitely will watch The Dictator online. Sasha Baron Cohen is such a satirical, insulting and piss-taking comedian so I hope many audiences will see the humour in this and not take it offensively – but that being said, a lot of arrogant Americans certainly did while I hadn’t heard one indignant word from the gay community about Bruno so perhaps Cohen has learnt to tone it down? I hope not! The “tyrant” personality we do actually see on our internationally political podiums do need a big slap in the face, especially after spectating the funeral and day-long parade of Kim Jong Il’s overrated death. I’m not entirely keen on the fact that this style of movie doesn’t seem to be made in the same “mockumentary” style as Borat, Bruno and Ali G were – which really emphasised the satire and comedy for me – but I’m sure Cohen will deliver nonetheless!  I have heard about this coming out for quite a while now between mates and finally it’s coming! We can’t wait to watch The Dictator online because it looks freaking hilarious! I do wonder what kind of ethnicity Cohen is supposed to playing in his character as I’m confused as to whether the tyrant comes from the Middle East or India as the Bollywood music indicates. Either way I hope the budgeting in this shows from the success of Cohen’s predecessors.

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This spring 2012, a new movie from the creators of “Borat” is hitting the cinemas. President Obama opens with a short presentation. The main actor is Sacha Baron Cohen who plays an Indian Admiral General who visits America on special business. In my opinion this movie looks too political and could offend many Americans, especially, who may still be hurting after events, for example, like the twin towers and yet there is a joke made about the event. A reference to NATO is made in that “we must keep on with the NATO mission and bring him to justice.” Very political indeed. Its looks like it has a bit of language and maybe a sex scene. Definitely not a movie to bring your children with you to watch as a family. There are many “jokes” about America that aren’t very appropriate or funny to Americans. This movie definitely has a political agenda to reach, in my opinion and I don’t really care to be apart of politics in a movie. A movie is my time to relax and not think about the problems of this world. If you are in the mood, why not watch The Dictator online? I feel that there are for sure better movies out there in the cinema. In my opinion, I would rather go to a movie that inspires me to do something better or be a better person. Instead this movie, seems to be a waste of time and, not to mention, money. On top of all of that, it looks like one of those movies that you walk away from and say,”well that was stupid.” Take my advice, find a different movie or watch The Dictator online.

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