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Posted on: September 27, 2012
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Watch The Impossible OnlineCan a family survive the impossible? I guess you will find out in this film. My issue is that the preview, which is beautiful and sad and powerful, gives away each and every emotional beat. We see the fate of each character that the movie is meant to make us worry about, and I’d bet good money we also saw the film’s ending. Because of this, I’d watch The Impossible online instead of at theaters. The movie will be a less suspenseful and/or worrisome watch now and therefore less powerful. I’m also certain that because the movie casts McGregor and Watts as tourists, that people will say that their characters’ story isn’t relevant in comparison to the thousands who were displaced from their homes in the tsunami. The movie is about a couple who is in Southeast Asia with their three sons on vacation when the tsunami hits. It makes me want to watch The Impossible online. Classical music plays over flashes of serene waves, scuba diving, kids frolicking on a perfect, bright beach in Thailand then, the tsunami hits, and it looks like they have lost eachother and they are going to have to overcome everything and find eachother again. The mother is left with one child and the fathe with two. The father seems like he will do anything and everything to reunite their family. The movie is directed by Spanish filmmaker Juan Antonio Bayona.

Will I watch The Impossible online when it airs December 21st, 2012? I think so, even though usually I hate movies that give their whole story in the preview. I also do not like the fact that an american couple is portraying a family from a different country. If this was supposed to be based on a true story shouldnt you have the ethnicities correct?

You should really watch The Impossible online – The movie looks incredible… I’ve always loved disaster movies. The trailer for this one was dubbed in Spanish so it was hard to get an idea of what the characters were saying but from what I could tell it’s the story of a family that’s vacationing in some sort of tropical local when a tsunami hits. It appears the the family (Ewen McGregor plays the father, Naomi Watts the mother) is separated during the tusnami and I assume the movie is about the challenges and trials they face trying to find each other.

This doesn’t appear to be your typical big-budget disaster flick, like 2012 and Independence Day. From what I can tell, the disaster is merely a backdrop for a bigger story, that being the struggles of an everyday family as they try to rebuild their lives and their family after being caught up in the disaster.

After writing to this point I went to Youtube and watched an English version of this trailer to verify what I had assumed about it. I found out that the event described in the movie is the 2004 Indonesia tsunami and the story does indeed focus on the family’s struggle to reunite after surviving the disaster. I’ve always thought that movies that base their story off of true disasters can be a bit tasteless and exploitvie, but this one appears to be different. From what I saw of McGregor and Watts’ performance they bring a human element to the story that’s kind of rare in disaster flicks. Ordinarily I’d give a movie like this a pass but this is one I actually am looking forward to seeing in the theaters when it’s released.

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