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Posted on: September 13, 2012
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Watch The Life of Pi OnlineLife of Pi – I felt the same powerful emotions for the movie as I did while reading the book. Stories of castaways are particularly gripping because I can’t help but put myself into the protagonist’s shoes every step of their lonely journey. How would I act? Would I be up to the task of survival? Could I keep my sanity, or would loneliness crush me? And that’s without taking into consideration the fact that Pi is sharing his lifeboat with an enormous, presumably hungry tiger. I feel tremendous sympathy for them both. I think what does it is the fact that nothing about what they’re going through is fair or easy, but they have no choice but to try. I’m so excited to see which aspects of the book were kept and which were discarded, I’ll probably watch The Life of Pi online. The man on whom the story is based is an incredible survivor, and “Life of Pi” was a tale that truly did him justice.

Watching The Life of Pi online promises to bring the landscape, or seascape, rather; I imagined to full and vibrant life. I’m usually a bit jaded about movies based on books, but I adore other Ang Lee movie’s I’ve seen, and the visuals look stunning enough to justify shelling out the thirteen dollars to see it in theaters. I’m a little surprised at myself for wanting to see it in theaters–not only am I cheap, but I live in Aurora, Colorado. The theater shootings are still so immediate that I haven’t even considered going to the movies. “Life of Pi”, with it’s inspirational message and theme of survival in the worst circumstances might be just what the doctor ordered. I really think I’ll watch The Life of Pi online.

The Life of Pi is very odd. At first I thought it was a titanic sort of film, but it kept taking weird turns. Well as it turns out, it is about some child who must have survived a boat sinking, and there was all these animals on the boat and one tiger survived. As he ends up on a island he befriends the tiger, something I don’t think is possible. But moving on, him and the tiger go and save themselves and find civilization and become best friends. It had great special effects and everything, but it just looks unbelievable and weird. I’m sure some people would like the story, but for me, it just seems a little to far fetched. Also, in the end while he is in his life raft with the tiger, a giant whale jumps right over the boat. Is it just me, or would that capsize the boat. And when a giant whale jumps over you, you don’t smile and stare at it. Then again, it is not every day that you can have a tiger as your best friend. The Life of Pi was based on a book, so maybe I don’t get the theme because I didn’t read it, but it just seems like it wont be the next hit at the movie theater. So in review, I don’t think anyone should see this, unless you watch The Life of Pi online, or want to try and figure out how any of this is possible. To me, I think there are a few more better movies out there.

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