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Posted on: June 29, 2011
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I LOVED watching the Muppets online when I was little, so this looks great, especially the “reunion” premise! Hilarious! I also love Jason Segel and Amy Adams, so it will be good to see them together. I’m also a sucker for musicals, and it looks like there are some musical scenes in there so that’s awesome…and the soundtrack looks great, with oldies like “We built this City on Rock and Roll”. The scene in the car with the MinaMina song is hilarious too…that always gets stuck in my head, and makes me want Dr. Pepper for some reason…anyway, it looks pretty darn epic for a Muppets movie! Is it a movie within a movie? I can’t tell exactly what the point/plot of it is but it looks pretty cute. If I had a little kid in my life I would probably take them to see it, but since I don’t, I probably won’t hit this one in theaters. If it comes out on Netflix though, I’ll probably rent it. As much as I love Jason Segel (he’s soo hilarious!) I don’t think I could bring myself to dole out 10 bucks for the theater or even bucks to rent it, so I’ll have to wait till it comes out on Netflix. I’m surprised this isn’t coming out in the summer, just doesn’t really seem like a November release type of movie. I wonder if kids these days even know who the Muppets are. I feel like their generation kinda missed out on that, so I wonder if they’ll be like “uhhh wtf is this” haha but I bet kids will like it anyway! And it will be a blast from the past for the parents!

THE MUPPETS – It is a wonderful movie. I think it is a new attempt from Walt Disney Pictures. Jason Segel and Amy Adams are interesting. We actually saw a lot of action pictures of lot of super heroes. Now it will be interesting to see the action and emotion scenes of Muppets. Usually we saw a lot of animation pictures from Walt Disney. But this movie is a different one. Muppets are superb it’s not at all a movie for children. Usually people who want some relaxation from their daily work load can also see and enjoy this movie. The combination scenes of actors and Muppets are interesting to watch. They created this Muppets beautifully. It’s almost look like real and I wonder how they shoot this type of movie. I think it is difficult task. This type of movie should release continuously why because it will give a relief to the audience when they watch. I think Hollywood directors are more interested in such movies. Spending money to watch such type of movies is worthy. It’s not a waste of time also”. I regularly watch such type of laughing movies after a junk of workload. I want to say one thing to the film makers that u should make more film like this. All the best for the crew members of this film.

The Muppets online looks very funny and a lot like everyone who has ever been a fan of the Muppets will remember and be happy to see again. I like Amy Adams and every character she plays she gives an excellent performance and it’ll be interesting to see her sing. I just hope when she does, it’s not as corny as it looks because that part seems to dumb down the movie a little from what I could see. And surely I can’t be the only one who thinks Jason Segel looks like T.R. Knight. I kept thinking it was him until it said otherwise. It’ll definitely be a hit, especially considering when it will be released. Although to be honest, I do wish it was coming out sooner. It looks like they are keeping everyone in character which sometimes doesn’t happen when reviving a movie franchise. If this movie is as good as it looks then I hope this is just the beginning and they will make a lot more movies. I’ve heard there are a lot of cameos by celebrities but I didn’t really see them. I know my husband will want to see this movie. He is a big fan of the Muppets. I wish Christopher Reeve was still alive. He did a guest appearance on the Muppets TV show and Miss. Piggy had a massive crush on him and was basically his stalker. It was really funny. To be honest, the biggest surprise of this movie is that they waited so long to make it. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love the Muppets.

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