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Posted on: June 29, 2011
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The Skin I live in – Pedro Almodovar and Antonio Banderas will work on the film La Piel Que Habito, a film which will adapt the novel’s Mygale Thierry Jonquet. It a short trailer to actually get the big picture of the movie but seems to be an interesting dynamic between Antonio Banderas character, Edgard and Marilla. Both of them display a fighter heart and seem to be strong willed. Seeing only this trailer I can extrapolate that Antonio Banderas it a brilliant doctor or some sort, which is dabbling in experimental surgery. Considering the fact the women, referred to herself, as a “toy” and the fact that the house seems to be looked better then a prison, I think that this wasn’t in any case consented .Her skin looks like had been sewn in from different parts of skin, wearing some kind of an protective suit. Watch The Skin I Live In online seems to be more of a psychological thriller starring a mad man that generally gives way to some interesting twist of events. The decor of the movie, mostly in shades of non-colors white, gray and black and strong red seems to warn us about some kind of a moral dispute. The song of the trailer gives it an intense a grave note, I believe the song is the original music from the film, composed by Alberto Iglesias. It does promise be interesting movie and the lack of details about the characters and how they are in that situation ,spark my interest quite a bit.

I love when great films surprise me. Both in terms of story and in terms of my expectations. I had no clue what to expect with Spanish filmmaker Pedro Almodovar’s film La piel que habito, which roughly translates to The Skin I Live In (weird teasers didn’t help either), but hot damn was this fantastic. Pedro is a Cannes Film Festival regular but has delivered a film this year that is completely different from most of his previous work yet still kicks ass. It was a wild and crazy experience, to be frank, but damn good. In fact, I’ll even call it a brilliant film for the story and its ideas and the way Almodovar challenges sexuality. As much as I’d love to dive into a full discussion on this film, there are certain story elements which I dare not spoil and will stay away from ruining. The basic plot is that Antonio Banderas plays a rich, genius surgeon/doctor who is keeping a women locked up in his lavish home. He’s not mean to her and is pretty much just holding her to keep her pure and untouched. At first we see he’s attempting to develop skin so tough that it won’t burn, but we soon discover he has darker intentions and we’re thrown down the twisted Almodovar rabbit hole that is crazier than anyone could imagine. I’d like to call this the Antichrist of Cannes 2011, but there’s no clit cutting or penis smashing, thank goodness, but there are crazy plot twists like that.

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