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Posted on: September 20, 2012
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Watch This Is 40 OnlineYou should definitely watch This Is 40 online.  This movie will probably be hilarious, if not just because it has a fantastic cast. To anyone who loved Paul Rudd, Leslie Mann, and the (real!) Apatow kids in Knocked Up and would rather watch their funny antics than Katherine Heigl and Seth Rogen whining about their dysfunctional relationship for two hours, this movie should be a blast. The addition of Jason Segel to this already familiar Apatow cast should be a great fit. The premise is one that we are all familiar with at some point in our lives, and its relatability makes what may seem mundane on the surface much more amusing than the movies that focus on fantastical scenarios to which no normal person can relate. This is pretty much the Twitter trend #firstworldproblems in movie form, but then, that’s something all of us can relate to and thus makes for a pretty great premise. The fact that the handsome, charming, and hilarious Paul Rudd makes this movie a great draw for males and females alike. Everyone loves Paul Rudd, and with scenes like the one where Paul Rudd is sitting on the table trying to… see himself in a new light, this is certainly not going to be a boring or overly dramatic look at family life. It also is wonderful to see that the characters have not been toned down since Knocked Up–if anything, this movie displays Pete and Debbie as being more neurotic than ever, and audiences will love that attitude as it helps to shape more amusing scenarios. Finally, this movie will have some fantastic cameos. One notable cameo is Melissa McCarthy, a now-beloved comedienne thanks to Bridesmaids, who steals a scene with Rudd as their respective children get into an altercation at school. That alone makes me want to watch This Is 40 online. Altogether, this movie is going to be a great lighthearted experience that should get some resounding laughs in any theater.

It looks like an amazing movie. I love “Leslie Mann” she a very good actor and i love her movies. I love knocked up where her and ” Paul Rudd made an excelent couple, and looks like they will again in ” This is 40’… The movies looks very intrested and not boring at all. It looks very funny, and even tho its rated R, it looks like i can take my whole family to watch this movie. I also love the music they play by “Jon Brion” , goes great with the movie and actors. Seems like “paul Rudd” has become a better father in this movie, unlike “knocked up”. Watch This Is 40 online because it actually looks great, it caught my eye since the begining and doesnt look like its going to be boring like other movies especially with ” Leslie Mann”. Seems like Judd Apatow is a good director for making this movie. I just cant wait to see this awsome movie with Beautiful “Leslie Mann”. Im almost sure this movie will have everyone laughing and wanting to see it again. Go watch This Is 40 online by clicking the blue button above. Leslie Mann looks like she is a wonderful mother but, also scared of getting old. but turning 40 isnt that bad especially how leslie man looks, she looks like she would be 21. So i highly reccomend for everyone and their family to go see this funny movie, becasue i kow for a fact that noone will regret ever going to see this hilarious movie. i know i will be going to see this movie.

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