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Posted on: June 29, 2011
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What’s Your Number? – At first, I thought this movie would just be another typical chick flick where a girl goes on her never ending search for love. They are always “blah, blah, blah, I’ll never find the right guy” and stuff like that, and movies like that cannot keep my attention. With Anna Faris in it, you know it’s going to be a full blown laugh fest with some crazy events happening. Chris Evans brought into the picture just makes the whole thing worthwhile. Both actors have been in several other movies that I love and Faris never seems to disappoint. She isn’t your normal little blonde actress. She tends to be more on the edge and a little unpredictable at times and never fails to make people laugh. Chris Evans is also slightly different in personality than his pretty boy image, although I must say, he definitely makes movies easier to watch. I have watched a couple that he has starred in without any interest in them, just because he’s in it. Based on what I have seen, this movie looks like a winner and I can imagine that it start to finish laughter with a little bit of romance intertwined throughout, which I absolutely love!

What’s Your Number? is Based on the novel “20 Times a Lady” of the author Karyn Bosnak, the comedy “What’s Your Number?” has the heart of the Darling Ally, a young woman who has proposed not to have sex with more than 20 men during its existence. When she wakes up in bed, her disgusting boss, after a night of drinking too much alcohol, she realizes that she has already been involved to date in 20 knots of love and revises its list of conquests to identify who soul mate could be that the expected lifetime. Urged by a womanizer neighbor to contact the first 19 men with whom she had a romance. Ally will revisit all former lovers to check if any of them was the one and she overlooked him. Of course, the road is long, and Ally find that is irresistible lure a young man with whom she cannot think of a future. Not willing to go beyond the 20 men , Ally tries to overcome the differences between her and this man, and then the two realizing they’re perfect for each other. Indeed, after you’ve seen a lot of movies like this already, after a certain point, they become predictable. The What’s Your Number? probably will enter into the same pot with the rest, but it me won with the trailer, and this for several reasons. Chris Evans, for which I, and I think most of the female population, has a great weakness. Secondly, Anna Faris is adorable and funny, brilliant at parodies and can make almost any film from disaster in sympathetic one(“almost” because it certainly rule did not apply in the case of The House Bunny, which was awful). So, my list continues with Andy Samberg is a genius of comedy (you can watch the Saturday Night Live) and Zachary Quinto that I was longing to see him playing, even if it has a small role. And last but not least, I really think the movie will be fun, so it seems from the trailer.

WHAT’S YOUR NUMBER is chock full of TV veterans. It boasts a stellar cast list of Andy Samberg (SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE), Chris Pratt (PARKS AND RECREATION), Zachary Quinto (HEROES), Dave Annabelle (BROTHERS & SISTERS), Joel McHale (COMMUNITY), and Thomas Lennon (RENO 911). It was directed by Mark Mylod (ENTOURAGE, SHAMELESS) and written by Gabrielle Allan (SCRUBS, JESSE) and Jennifer Crittenden (THE NEW ADVENTURES OF OLD CHRISTINE) based on the novel by former daytime TV talk show producer Karyn Bosnak. In the film, Ally (Faris) looks back at the past twenty men she’s had relationships with in her life and wonders if one of them might be her one true love. From what we can clearly see in the trailer, guess who she will ultimately fall in love with? That’d be Chris Evans, (aka Captain America, aka the Human Torch, aka my 4th husband). Despite the trailer giving a lot of the story away, I’m looking forward to seeing the movie. I giggled quite a few times during this. I have a feeling they’ve held back some of the movie’s best gags for its theater audiences – this is my hope anyways. WHAT’S YOUR NUMBER opens on September 30. What’s Your Number? stars Anna Faris, Chris Pratt, Chris Evans, Mike Vogel, Joel McHale and Andy Samberg. This movie looks romantic comedy and it seems hilarious ride in Ally’s life. So be ready who are in love and those who are waiting for true love. This is the movie for true lovers.

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